New Moon Solar Eclipse


 ‘The Yana Puma/Black Jaguar navigates her way across starlit sky – the blanket of the cosmos wraps around her. Warm Yourself, Jaguar, and don’t judge the Path chosen. Yours or Otherwise. Concealed, stealth and focused, she has her heart set upon this Journey- as it has been, for quite some time. Dark nights are ripe for a One’s eyes to witness how the bright light permeates obscurity-

darkened spaces lit up to reveal what’s been held in gestation all this time and is now almost ready to come forth in the potentiality of form by Creation’s embrace’…

Dreamer, Wake Up.

~New Moon in Leo, with a solar eclipse upon it- calls for Us to begin the shift of Our own transformations and move up out of the monotonous, conditioned and binding. We make Our way through travels in the dark, so that the Light may be seen. Our own.

Once Your own luminescence is seen by You- no matter which direction You stand in- it is always an opportunity to illuminate Your path, no matter how shadowed the scenery may seem to be upon first inspection.

‘Yana Puma has been traveling all night- for decades,actually, and millennia before that- to make her way along a winding and spiraled path, to match up in perfect alignment’s synchronicity both fated and destined and decided upon at the most perfect of times by the Universe’s breath with both the Earth and Sun partaking with her in a most beautiful dance of celestial bodies ,boldly, on a course chosen by each, for One’…

Dreamer, Wake Up.

~The dream is now ready for fruition, and the prophecies are in place. ‘Dreamer’, I said, ‘wake up’. Prophet, You are correct in Your overstandings and revelations. You see, You interpret, You decide, and You do. The alignment is in perfection and all is right to take the steps required for Your actions in this next moment, this day, and the transcending beyond previous declarations and definitions.

Your steps have been beautiful, the experience necessary.

The time for action is now.

The moment is Yours.

‘And so the People watch as the Yana Puma as she approaches the Sun. Papa Inti has sustained Us for as long as We have been formed.

The People give offerings for his dutiful position as Beneficial All Father. ‘Thank You’. Despachos and sacrifice, rituál and prayer. Even Papa Inti, in all of his solar glory, must still allow his own Self to be consumed on occasion, as the bridge and doorway through which change ,in huge scale, walks its way through. Connection. Remembering. Power. Divine’….

Dreamer, Wake Up.

~ This New Moon in Leo plus the Solar Eclipse reminds Us to pause at that void in the moment between the blink of Our eyes, a flash of intuitive vision, and the point of emergence from which We create at will; manifest as desired, all the whilst fueling the creative forces by remembering the Truth of the love that You are.

Love really does make miracles, when allowed to inspire those who hear its call. Hear the call? Heed Your call, Dreamer. Take action, Leo- You are no longer the sheep You once believed Yourself to be.

The time is now. We live in ‘united states’ for a reason— think about the name and remember from there. Which is here. The messages are everywhere.

‘Dreamer, Wake Up’…

Be Blessed Because You Are The Blessing, Dreamer…

Thank You.


~~~~~Rituál for New Moon~~~~~


The ritual I offer at this time is this-

Make Your own Rituál.

I can offer this:

Go out in nature.

See Yourself in all that is around You.

Breathe deep.

Watch the eclipse (precautions and safety are Yours to educate Yourself with).

Breathe deep again.

Remember the energies that are reflective at this time.

Remember Yourself.

Breathe deep again.

Focus intention on what You desire to bring in Your world.

Stay receptive.

Give thanks.

Thank You

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