Pisces Full Moon



‘The whole and holy of the Full Moon Herself dances across lapping waves creating a perpetual reflection of motion for all who dare to look, to witness. For all who revere, to know sacred. For all who deny, to remember their truth. Holy Woman stands here, arms held high as she speaks devotions to the night, the sky, and the sacred waters she worships’…

Pisces lunation holds this moment for each of Us to sit at the edge where the elements meet and gaze upon Our own reflections that look back. Holy. Do You remember that You are? When was the last time You honoured this within Yourself?

We can not change what We are unwilling to look at, including Our own perspectives. Now is the most perfect time to see Ourselves. To dive beyond the reflections of distortions and fear, to see the love within the ripples and beneath the surface itself, deeper than deep, to find Ourselves in places that We have yet to ever stand in before this moment.

‘Holy Woman closes her eyes, illuminated by moonlight, heart shining open and begins speaking her prayers. Words older than her, words older than the wind, words that were born from when the ocean was still only a river dreaming itself to be an ocean’…

When the full moon is in Pisces, it is time to remember Your magyc words, Your power spoken, intentions held for the beginning of the new cycle that is on its course right after the fish moon is over.

Words make things, may all remember that- words make things, may all honour that, words make things- may all be responsible with what is created.

‘In one breath, Holy Woman sings in her miraculous. In two breaths she awaits her moment to purify, in three breaths, she holds the last and submerges herself to be washed over, cleansed and anointed by her own choices in her own knowing.

Mother Moon shines down and welcomes the rebirth in salt waters by the reflection of herself in this form as Holy Woman.


Deep breath.

Born again, in newly realized powers of Divine, inspired.

Remember Yourselves, Holy Women’…

It is in the dark places that hidden treasure is found. It is in the dark places that We transcend from fear to love, and it is in the dark places that signal the moments just before a life changes and miracles are born from the light that embraces them no matter how fearful the scary may seem.

Honour the moments of this moon and all the realizations that come to You at this time. Sit still with Your reflections.

Allow Your own rebirthing into the greater of what You are, who You are, and the life You wish to lead…

Thy will be done and so it is, thank You🔥

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne…


~ Pisces Full Moon Rituál ~


Full moons are about the illumination of Our understandings and realizations. They show Us Our lessons to Ourselves and gift Us important opportunities to level up and outgrow old conditions.

Pisces is the third sign in the element of Water and is a culmination of all the previous eleven signs in the zodiac. Pisces signifies rituals and is the harbinger of the end of cycles.

It is good to give thanks for all of the previous steps that We have taken before this moment, to ponder experiences, energies and people chosen by Us to help reflect Our Own awaiting and unfolding lessons.

For this full moon, You will need:

• a glass of water

• sea salt

• a piece of palo santo or smudge bundle 

• a lighter

Stand under the full moon in Your sacred space (out in nature, at the water, and/or a special place that You feel good when You stand or sit there etc). Smudge Yourself. Guide the smoke all over Your body, bottom of Your feet and the top of Your head.

Mix a half a palm full of salt into Your glass of water. As You mix and stir, remember that Your body is made of the same elements. ‘When a tear drop falls into the ocean, where does the teardrop end and the ocean begin’- ponder this as it is with Ourselves and Divine. There is no separation in the bigger view. Creator resides within each creation. Sacred.

Starting with the East, face each direction with the understanding of the symbology and qualities it represents. They are as follows:

East= New beginnings and the invitation for new creations to emerge in Your world

South= The energy for the work necessary to draw that which You desire into Your reality, growth

West= Lessons necessary to adjust, shift and adapt for new and good to come. Reception to the rewards of Our good works

North= The closing down and ending of that which has been. The rest, respite and stillness of life. The pause before the jump and lift off

Facing East, give thanks for Your lessons over this past cycle. Breathe deep and speak holy words, intentions, desires, and understandings. Know peace with any thought that arises.

Take a small handful of Your water and salt mix and sprinkle a little at Your feet, at Your belly, at Your heart, Your throat, third eye, and top of head.

Do the same for Yourself as You stand in each direction turning to the South, then the West and the North.

From the North direction, kneel and give thanks for the Great Mother whose back We all walk upon. Give thanks for her sustenance and abundance. Thank You, Pachamama.

Next, stand strong and raise Your arms to the Moon, the Great Mirror who reflects the Light that is a reminder of Our own within Us. Give thanks for those reflections of Our world who always show Us where We stand and what We are choosing.

Last, place hands over heart chakra, and give thanks to Yourself, the steps chosen, the decisions You have made. All of them have been necessary for Your growth. Breathe deep in the knowing of who and what You are. A Light of the UniVerSoul Infinite Divine.

Remember and reflect upon this night, upon Yourself, be peace.

Breathe deep into Your anointing.

Be blessed, as You are and as You do.

Thank You🔥

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