IMG_3154.JPGDear Goddess-Within-Me,

I wanted to write this letter to tell You that I am beginning to remember You.

I caught sight of You the other day when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

But I have been seeing You for far longer than that for awhile. It was just that I get so caught up in the criticizing and the judging of myself that sometimes I don’t see the beauty of You.

I thought I heard You this morning, over a few lines of my favorite song.

But I have been hearing You for far longer than that for awhile, also. I know that You have been speaking, I just have had so much doubt over my own self worth that I sold myself a story that I don’t deserve to hear Your message to me.

And even now, Dear Goddess-Within-Me, I can feel You here. That is the only way I know how to describe this perception of a knowing that You are sharing in this space, my moments, with me.

But I have been feeling You for far longer than that for awhile, as well. I guess I just found it easier to deny my intuition and embrace the familiar and secure because then I don’t have to hear heart or be accountable for actions including my decisions to choose and support my own happiness.

I am sorry to have been away for so long but, You see, I had to get my training in self worth, obligation and attachment. From there, my practice brought me into duty and responsibility. Seemingly harsh lessons catalyze Our awakenings. Validation of Ourselves by the things We have and call Ourselves- denies the confirmation of the Divinity that already is, has been, and will be. Without possession, without titles, hats and roles- who am I when I stand naked under the dark sky stripped of all that is not my truth?

Goddess-Within-Me, I know that I have not always treated You by Your name. Do You forgive?

And Goddess-Within-Me, I know that in times I have not always embraced You in my world. In fact, I have even tried to deny You. May I stand with You here?

I have fed You in mouthfuls with ‘Im not good enough’ feasts, I will begin to give You healthier things to nourish from this moment on in mind, body and spirit. Do You accept?

Goddess-Within-Me, I desire to celebrate this New Moon with You-honouring the past steps taken, embracing this present Soul/Work in front of Us and manifesting the fruition of Our visions for the future.

I wish to remember all of You, to walk with all of You, and be gentle with all of You at this time.

My heartlight sun ray projections, my receptions, my communications and my passions all deserve moonlight worship, rituál, and realization.

Goddess-Within-Me, We were made to dance these songs to this rhythm. We are here to integrate dreams to Our reasoning and alchemize the etheric into form. This is the moment for change and transcendence…


Thank You.

I remember.

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