~ Full Moon In Taurus ~

She speaks words that are holy.
Holy words being sacred words.
This is the time for prayer, revelation and blessing.
These words.

They are pronounced, soft and powerful, the sounds familiar, formed by lips from a spirit that has withstood and overcome countless challenge, turmoil, and catalytic influence:

‘Hózhóogo naasháa doo
Shitsijí’ hózhóogo naasháa doo…’
‘In beauty I walk,
With beauty before me I walk…’

~ The Taurean Full Moon invites Us to take a moment to give thanks and be grateful for the lessons and knowledge realized. The articulation of Our self expression is important at this time, as We give rituál to what is ready to be honoured and laid to rest so that new creation, new form, new reflections can be made manifest.

This is a time for reverence.

What do You choose, now, to outgrow and grow from?

Turning to the 7 directions (above, below and center point included), She takes a small pinch of the ‘tah’dadeen’ from Her deerskin pouch carried daily on Her person.
Sprinkling a bit over Her head for holy thoughts, upon Her tongue for holy words and over Her feet towards the direction in front of Her for holy steps, the sacred is spoken with focused intentions and are carried to the place where the miraculous is born.

Tah’dadeen, which is Her sacrament of corn pollen, is harvested at peak time from the corn tassels, with special songs sung during its gathering in honour of the stories of Changing Woman and Her two (s)hero children, Monster-Slayer and Born-From-Water.

~ The power of this Lunar Taurean time is about the ceremony of honouring- feeding Ourselves nourishment for mind, body and soul. What has been depraved by Our distractions now is ready to be looked at and tended to as necessary and required.
You deserve to grow- as it is happening right now.
Be kind with Yourself- no matter what shows up for the silence, the introspection and the realization.

Ask of this, ‘how is anyOne else supposed to show up as accurate reflection in honouring Me, if I am not giving it to MySelf to begin with?’.

‘T’áá altso shinaagóó hózhóogo naasháa dooHózhó náhásdlíí’…’
‘With Beauty all around me, I walk
All is in harmony again…’
And by the will of Her intent, the creative power in Her voice and Her faith in the medicine of Spirit-
Off She goes down the road to take the narrow path, the one less travelled, the one that holds the hidden secrets and treasures.

Strong, because She knows the journey will make Her to be.
Steady, because She believes in her step.
Beautiful, because She remembers Her worth…

~ May You allow Yourselves receptivity and stay open to experience life as You consciously choose to do so.

This Full Moon is made to ‘return all back into a state of harmonious flux’, to get right in conditions/reactions/perceptions, to realign so that all can be in resonance.

You are so powerful, You actually choose Your freedom.

Or not.

Your choice.


Happy Full Moon To You, Creators…


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