HAPPY 11/11

Enlight134Happy 11/11 to You,

This number has been the Source of much use and speculation over millennia.

Religions have looked at it, Mystics have worked with it, Alchemists, Rosicrucians, Zoroaster, King Solomon, Theresa of Avila etc…have all spoken of it.

11 is considered to be the first Master Number. A very powerful tool to work with when You are facing Your opportunity for a level up. You know You are in an increase with this energy when You notice it or come across it in daily life- when You glance at the clock at 11:11 or 2:22 or 3:33 etc… When You notice the number in Your odometer or other places that You have not usually witnessed before.

It is 1, doubled. The number One is whole, holy, the acceptance of the All There Is. When We allow Ourselves to see Ourselves in totality as everything, We stop judging anything else as separate. In this state of being, You are in Divine Union within. That is powerful, as union holds no resistance. In this space, You are connected to Your own inner Miraculous.

The extremely secretive Alchemists, who wrote most of their works in coded language using astrology, astronomy, chemistry and natural laws to conceal their wisdom for only those who sacrificed much and worked hard for its understanding, have used the number 11 to denote Self Mastery and the ability to execute the ‘Master Work’. This ability, to take a base metal like lead and turn it into gold, symbolizes Our own abilities to take whatever We have believed Ourselves to be in the past and realize Ourselves even greater in Our presence.

Today, know that You are ready for a serious level up.

Today, is the day that You can choose different and beyond- the conversations and beliefs of lack and ‘not good enough’ can be outgrown.

Today, is a mark in the space/time continuum, that offers You a moment to realize that You are made for so much more than You have been living. Way more than.

Choose Love, and be powerful in Your choice.

Choose Kind, and watch as Your compassion grows.

Choose Faith, and see how quickly those unseen doors open.

Choose Service, and help an Other to see their own Divinity.

Happy 11/11 @ 11:11, EveryOne…

Stand in Your Power and remember Your ability to rise…

You can, You do, You are.

Will it to be so and so be to, it will.

Sow Fire, Happy Miraculous RealizationsđŸ”„

~ Tia

To Honour This Magycal Day Of Days:

I would like to offer a special for my ‘One on One’ singular sessions, to which the regular rate is $150 for one hour.

Today only- order and pay for a ‘One on One’ between the times of 11:11am and 11:11pm- and the price offered is $111.

This is one more way for me to say ‘thank You’ for choosing to work with me at these changing times and turning points in Your lives. It is my honour to walk with You and show You how to navigate the flow to create from here. Again, I thank You.

Happy 11/11 @ 11:11 to You AllđŸ”„

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