Enlight142Dear You,

Happy Super Full Moon in Gemini…

I said ‘Dear You’ as I am momentarily omitting the ‘beautiful’ as in ‘Dear Beautiful You’-because right now not all of Us feel beautiful here in this moment and at this time, and just to keep Your ego from excluding You from this Full Moon offering – I prefer to cover as many aspects of ‘You’ as I am inspired to with the writing of this letter…

I want to thank the You that has taken the moment to read this…

And I want to thank the You that has decided to do things different for Your life in this moment.

I’d like to thank the You who embraces the truth revealed on these full moon nights.

And the You who dissipates the illusions of Your fears.

I thank the You who has allowed herself the tears.

I thank the You who cries louder to be heard.

The You who has learned to laugh at the world’s reflection so that her soul can shine brighter.

I thank the You with stretch marks and battlescars, war stories and peace tales- what stories do You write in this most important time of decisioning? What is seen is what is embraced as this reality- it is not a matter of fear or faith- it is a matter of where that faith is directed…

I thank the You who has listened to her ego long enough to say ‘enough!’.

The You who ran from herself in order to realize the lesson that she can’t hide her shine.

The You who is courageous.

The You who grows.

The You who realizes.

The You who is addicted or has been- to the drugs, the drink, him, and the conversations of ‘not good enough’.

The You who sees the beauty in the ugly, and the perfection in the unfolding.

The You who helps Others to see Themselves, even when You have attempted to refuse Your own reflection.

The You who sees this world is a mirror.

The You who creates.

The You who makes.

Thank You to the You who is the song being sung by the Soul of the Universe- UniVerseSoul…on pitch, on point, every note sounded and every dance ever inspired by Your decision to be vulnerable.

Thank You to the You for Your Nataraja, thank You to the You for Your enduring ability to get back up even when You fell.

Perhaps fail and fell are simply cousins with different accents- perhaps failure was once a warning sign to let Us know when We are falling- and then the message proceeds to give encouragement for Us to get back up, or remember Our wings, or remember We can fly and remember Ourselves and the stories that inspired Our coming to begin with…

Thank You to the You who remembers.

The You who sees herself.

Handles herself.

Hugs herself.

Thank You to the You who is gentle.

The You who is loud.

The You who learned to swallow secrets.

And the You who found her voice.

The You who growled when threatened and humbled herself into power when she realized there was no threat to begin with.

Thank You to the You who protected. And who didn’t.

The You who wasn’t there.

Thank You to the vigilant You.

The hungry You.

The wild You.

The You they attempted to tame- control, conform or shame?

Thank You to the You who went through the sad to see Your compassion, and the You who went through the pressure to create the diamond.

Thank You to the ‘Little Girl’ You…

The ‘Wise GrandMother’ You…

The Warrior You…

The frigid You.

The impassioned You.

The You that is the tarot card of ‘Temperance’.

‘Hanged Man’s’ card You, Heirophant You, Suit Of Cups You.

Queen of hearts You, now, off with Your head You.

Thank You to the You who has been ridiculous, angry, rejected and resentful.

Thank You to the You who has enjoyed in joy, who still rides Unicorns, and saves the day just before the last condition on the witch’s curse comes to fruition.

Thank You to the You who has read this.

The You who will partake in ritual tonight.

The You who prays.

The You who nurtures.

The You who begins her new journey, with an intention and some hummingbird medicine.

Thank You to the You who puts her head down and pushes through.

The You who learns the lesson and applies.

The You who created this.

The You who seeks.

The You who finds.

The You who knocks.

The You who walks in.

Keys are made to open doors.

Thank You to the key that is You.

The You who remembers the Universe resides within her.

The You who accepts that choosing peace is freedom.

The You who knows that she is free, already.

The You who knows You.

And thank You to infinite You.

All of You.

The truth of You.


Happy Full Moon.

Your truth lived, is what frees You from the fear bindings.

It is time to walk powerfully, You.

Thank You.

I love You,

~ The I That Is You

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