✭✭✭ Happy Sagittarius New Moon ✭✭✭



Dear You,

Well, here We are two weeks since the last Full Moon. Are You ready now for me to greet You as ‘Dear Beautiful You’, again?

I know that the full moon that occurred was a bit of a challenge- but even the beauty of challenges is that they make way for catalyzations.

The change is amongst Us. This is undeniable.

Where are You now, Dear Beautiful You? Where do You stand from two weeks ago?

Here? Or holding to the past?

Here? Or anxious over the future potentials?

Here? Please note that there is reason to my continual asking of ‘here?’. Ps- sometimes We call them ‘hints’.

There is change happening at this end of the year cycle, Dear Beautiful You.

New Moon, Winter SoulStice, Holy Days and New Years.

Change is inevitable. We are always in a state of change, even when the ego is screaming it’s declarations of stasis and stuck, bound, and ‘can’t do anything until…’

I will say it again, change is inevitable. We are always in a state of change, even when the aspects within Us that hold the power of familiarity and obligation are attempting to wave their wands of discord and cast spells over Us of doubt, second guesses, and confinement.

Here is a secret, Dear Beautiful You- change is inevitable, and what a beautiful gift to be able to create within these changing spaces.

I could tell You how Mercury (the planet of communication and introspection) is soon righting itself and what that means is that Our levels of Self Awareness increase in challenging lessons and quantum leaps of realizations.

I could tell You that Saturn (planet of boundary and conditioning) is changing signs and is now making big waves on its own as well as sharing a cosmic dance with Uranus (planet of lightning-fast and potent change). In the energy of what is created in that rhythm, is a sway. Hear Your own truths about the conversations Your heart speaks. Hear Your own intuition, the voice of Your heart- as it tells You gently ‘Yes You Can’ to every ego flare-up of ‘no you can’t’.

I could tell You some things here, Dear Beautiful You.

I could tell You how the New Moon in Sagittarius (sign of abundance and bountiful prosperities) is playing harbinger for the culmination of Your lessons over this past year. Your desires. Your deeds. And Your manifestations. And also, how Winter SoulStice is the beginning of Our wake-up into Spring. Our ascent out of Katabasis. Literally, walking up out of Our self created UnderWorlds where We have been sitting and (hopefully) looking at Our own reflections for the past 3 months.

I could tell You that where You were 3 years ago and where You were 9 years ago are now playing out and coming to the end of their cycles. You, are now finishing up the lessons from those times. Good job at Your good works. Give Yourself credit for Your pushing-through, Your faith and Your ability to remember that the truth is love.

I could tell You, but would You hear it? Did You hear it? Do You hear it?

As said, Dear Beautiful You- change is inevitable. It is all a matter of what You wish to create from it.

It is time, You are here, the change is now…

I will say this:

You are the most perfect One to take on the experience called ‘Your Life’. To experience, to learn, to remember, and to create.

You are the best One for making each decision that You have made, are making, and will make. Your spirit is infinite and You are wise, trust in the timelessness of the knowing of Your heart.

Have faith in Your ability to intend, perceive, respond and receive- this is the power of the magyc of creation. Yours.

You Are Your Own Creator. Creating Your Own Creations.

Choose Wisely, Your Potentials And Focus.

Choose Love, Which Is Choosing Your Heart And The Realization Of Your Light.




Yours Faithfully…


Your Heart

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