La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat

La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat 2018-12LA MARIPOSA ALCHEMICA / BUTTERFLY ALCHEMY

She finds the ground to be comforting and familiar so close to Her belly. A solid thing to be walked upon by many feet, steady and steadily, She faithfully traverses Her path-
until one day a thought comes to Her, “what if I am made to fly?”.’

Have You Ever:

• felt the need to take time for Yourself, to nurture and wander deeper into hidden spaces awaiting Your very own treasures of Self-discovery?

• found Yourself wondering why the cycles are still showing up, why the old patterns are still so prevalent, why You can not seem to shake old belief systems that serve nothing good in Your world?

• heard the call but did not heed it, all whilst telling Yourself that You ‘weren’t ready/the timing was not right/or that it would have to be after other previous binding conditions were met’?

Did the call still happen?

‘And so She begins feeding Her body, She knows She will need the extra energy for the processes necessary for Her specific transformation- this is how change happens,
We listen for the guidance of the next step…’

Perhaps now is the moment that You decide to say ‘Yes’ to Your heart, hopes and dreams.

Perhaps now is the time to take the step in a new direction.

Perhaps now is the most perfect point to allow Yourself the flow of what is and what will be.

By understanding the process of transformation from the Caterpillar into Chrysalis to its eventual emergence as the Butterfly, You will gain the tools to recognize Your own personal life’s alchemy and ‘Great Work’ to be made.


For Lodging…
* A relaxing stay in a warm and inviting boutique adobe lodge, The Chipeta Solar Springs Resort, named after the powerful wife of the locally famous Ute Chief, Ouray. The resort is nestled in amongst the majestic San Juan Mountains, where amazing sunsets and the mystical wild spirit of nature still incite heartfelt inspirations.

For Body…
* Throughout Your stay, You will dine on heart inspired meals from world-cuisine menus prepared by holistic nutritionists that are both delicious and nourishing.
Whilst the caterpillar begins to feed itself for its upcoming journey into its chrysalis stage, attend a class with Grace McGuire from to understand that the ritual of preparing and indulging in comfort foods can be good for You- mind, body, and spirit.

* The movement ritual of Qoya is offered to allow energetic flow from one step into the next, and to invite new manifestations in upon Your journey.
Julie Maree at will gently instruct You in several of these sessions over the days of Your retreat, to help bring in a new awareness of Your very own grace and power.

For Mind…
* live satsangs in the Great Kiva (a puebloan sacred meeting room where holy teachings are gifted) with Tia LaVoie of, where understanding, expansion and growth are gifts to be discovered. Here is where the understanding of the Butterfly Way will be shared with You, each day: the life lived with Our bellies close to the ground until the ‘Calling’ to go deeper’, the ritual of going into the dark in order to see clearly and have Our ‘Great Dreaming’, and the emergence of coming into the light by the butterfly realizations known as the ‘Sacred Rising’.

* With the understanding that without intention, Our creative power is unfocused- We can understand in a deeper meaning, what the chrysalis stage is all about. As the caterpillar physically breaks down into its own creative awakening, allow Izadora with to guide You in mapping out Your intentions and dreams for Your next step towards emergence- ‘the unfolding into the light’.

For Spirit…
* Fire Ceremonies, at night, to assist in the turning and change that comes with each new step taken on the journey and the empowerment to apply the wisdom of the cycles into the every day experience of life for transformation and expansion.

* to cultivate and reconnect on and in deeper levels both within and without while remembering to trust Our hearts. By tapping into Our own inner courage to take actions in spaces that help lead Us to manifesting the lives that We desire to create, We realize that when We go deeper within, We expand without.

For You…
By contemplating the steps of the Butterfly, We can apply the wisdom to Our own lives to overcome old belief patterns and to create the life desired and deserved.
The Alchemy of the Butterfly is waiting to honour Your steps on the journey as well as reflect and embrace Your own personal inner-transformation at La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat.
The teachings of the ‘Alchemy of the Butterfly’ are ready to be experienced by You…
It is time to remember Your wings and rise.
Thank You.


$2300 OR EARLY BIRD $2000 BY 2/15/2018


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