SpiritWalk Group Apprenticeship 2018


SpiritWalk Group Apprenticeship 2018

The word ‘Spirit’ comes from the words ‘Breath and Soul’.
The word ‘Walk’ originates from ‘Wander, Path and Wind’.

In understanding the wisdom of Breath, We connect to Spirit- the animating force within Us All.
Qi, Prana, Ka, Ether, rLung, Pneuma, Quintessence, Élan Vital, Nilch’i and even The Force are all terms used, amongst others, as the knowledge of the working form of the creative power of Breath.
By walking the Path of SoulBreath, We cultivate the inner fires of Our Spirit and Inspirations. As We move deeper and become Wind itself, We are able to traverse unfolding experiences beyond the 5-Sensate perceptions of reality and old conditionings. In turn, We lead a life more allowing of acceptance, realization, peace and the utilization of Our own creative powers.

This is SpiritWalk.

The training of Our spiritual bodies is necessary for personal growth. Expansion and transformation journey together for the enrichment of Our own Awareness. What We gain in wisdom, We master within Ourselves. The wisdom that We apply, We create within Our worlds.

SpiritWalk is a 3 Month Formal Group Apprenticeship for those who feel called to venture deeper into their own Inner-realizations and desire the training ‘to see more than what has been seen’.
Within the teachings, trainings, and rituals of Patrick Collard, Diné Native Wisdom, Hermetic Principle, Xi Gong, Laiqan/Inqan Mysticism, and the Heart- deeper understandings of insight, revelation, and energetic medicinal concepts and applications will be shared, explored, practiced and utilized.
We learn that by taking action in the knowledge gained, We consciously create the life We choose to live.

SpiritWalk Offers~

~ 3 Months Formal Training In Structured Guidance For Your Own SoulWork And Self Realization/Revolution

~ Kindred Connections Established Through A Life Changing Experience

~ Bi-weekly/ 60 Minute Personal One On One Session With Tia By Phone (6 Total)

~ Bi-weekly/ 2-3 Hour Group Tele-Classes Using Zoom And/Or In-Call Phone Conference (6 Total)

~ Bi-weekly/ Group Check-Ins For Accountability, Team Building, And To Share In Weekly Steps And Growth (6 Total)

~ Daily Open Conversations With Teacher And Other Walkers In An On-line On-going Supportive Group Environment Via A 24/7 FB Chat Thread And Private Page

~ Physical, Mental and Spiritual Exercise Given And Encouraged, To Help Increase Progress

~ Rituals Of Intention To Invite Powerfilled Impactful Change Both Within And Without

~ Tools For Heart Alignment And Building A Spiritual Mesa/The Items Within Your Own Medicine Bag

~Initiation, At Teacher’s Discretion (*To Be Revealed Within SpiritWalk)

SpiritWalk Is The Journey Of Life; Realized, Creating, and Illuminated

AnyOne May Apply.
The Seeker Will Hear The Call.
The Seeker Is A One Who Is Serious About Their Own Spiritual Training, And Who Chooses To Take Action Upon Hearing That Call.
Those Accepted Into SpiritWalk, Will Be Notified By February 1st, 2018.

Please Feel Free To Contact MySelf Or Izadora Arielle Melillo For Further Inquiry.

I Am Looking Forward To This Journey With You.

Thank You.

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