HAPPY 1 1 1



Dear Reader, Kindred, Seeker and Creative~

1/11 is upon Us…

What a beautiful day to be here.

Are You here?

Beyond the thousands of sites dedicated to each translator’s own interpretations of this day, this one is my own.

1/11 holds the power of 1 three times.

One. Oneness. Whole. Holy.

Three is the number of emergence (literally, ‘to bring into the light’), inspiration and creation.

The two hands of flow: give and take, offering and reception. The one heart in the center that emits the power of the fire within each of Us. Our vibrations and their transmissions all stem from the root of this Source.


You are Source, creating and bringing and receiving into Your reality at all times.

This date of 1/11 is one of manifesting, the ability to Dream, to Awaken, and to Inform/In Form- in other words this is a day to bring Your dreams into this reality.




What actions have You been taking to bring Your own dreams and visions into Your waking reality?

What does Your self talk and thoughts look like on this day and in this moment?

How are You treating Yourself right now?

With the magyc of 11, repeated within the number of this date- 1/11- We are also clearing up any old residuals, situations/personal experiences and energies that are no longer in the alignment of Our hearts. This is the art of Self Mastery. Taking action. Please know, that Your actions count. You count and are worthy of honourable actions.

This day and the next, are highly auspicious days for ending old cycles and welcoming the energy of the new moon that is coming into Our space in a few days more. Honour this time and Yourself to realize Your own growth, Your own abilities and choices made that have brought You to these understandings now.

Remember what You seek, will be found within You. If You decide to look- then see Yourself as who and what stands in front of You in each moment.


You are all of it.

Everything noticed by You, is You.

With that being said, may We all witness and remember love this day. May We all catalyze and be catalyzed into Our greatness. May We give thanks for those situations and people who show up to help in the catalyzations and the realizations of 1/11. May We all walk powerfully and knowing Our value and abilities as Creators along this beautiful Journey called life.

Thank You.

Sew Fire…

..And Be Blessed, Because You Are A Blessing In This World.

Happy 1/11, EveryOne🔥

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