Dear Beautiful You…

Welcome to Your next level up in trusting Yourself.

Today marks the Capricorn New Moon.

Congratulations to the bountiful life-changing opportunities offered this year and the amazing that You are- especially in this moment, right now, in this day- You here, Dear Beautiful You?

For the message of this New Moon, I would like to share this transmission inspired by the transformative power of the sacred dance happening with reflective Moontime, Neptune’s visions and dreams, Jupiter’s abundance and prosperity and Pluto’s endings and Underworld powers activated wisely.

Dear Beautiful You-

Thank You for making it past, up, under, over, through, around and ‘illusion tracked and dissipated’.

You being ‘in it’ right now IS the working it out…

It is what it is – it is what You make it.

Whatever it was- however it is unfolding and or unfolded- whatever it has looked like and whatever comes/came of it,




Trust in that, Dear Beautiful You- that You have gained lessons on lessons and all that’s happened was necessary.

The application of knowledge is wisdom.

Be wise.

Choose wise for the reflection, choose fear for the same.

What have You been choosing as of late, Dear Beautiful You?


Here is the opportunity and here and here and HEAR…

Trust, that You are right where You need to be in this moment which is only priming You to choose love in the next.

Trust that, when choosing to declare that You help Others more than Yourself, that You are only as effective in help given as help received.

Trust that all Your relationships have always worked out-

In whatever forms they have taken, it was the most perfect in-formation for all parties and their decidings.

Did You really want to sleep next to that for the rest of Your life?

Did You really want to endure the bs of someOne else’s’ fears over the choice of Your own happiness and courage in action?

Is that living?

No One can save any Other.

We can help, but must help Ourselves first.

At the end of the day, a One must take their own steps- an Intention to start- for change to happen in their world and its reflections of Us.

Dear Beautiful You-

Thank You for picking up, getting up, head up, heartlight beaming…when they all were watching laughing and pointing, as well as when it was just You and Your friend called ‘Lonely’.

When the lesson was humility, when You fell from the conditioned grace and when You felt like You were the only One in it- You were learning to remember Your humble, You were recognizing the value of the Gift that You are, and realizing that Lonely was really All One.

You made it, Dear Beautiful You.

Did You know that it only gets better from here?

Did You know that You are worth it to live Your dreams hopes and visions?

Did You know that You count for love?

To Live.


And To Be Loved.

Did You know that now is the most perfect time for training Yourself to know these things and to walk empowered by Your truth?

Take action, invest in Your own happiness and remember that You are the most perfect One to live Your life …

Did You know that today is the day to remember?

Did You know that You are perfect in all that has ever been judged on You and by You?

Did You know that You are creating this?

Did You know that this that You are reading in this moment is Your reflection?

Did You know that Your perspective shapes everything in reality?

Did You know that You are sacred?

Dear Beautiful You…

Dear Magnificent You…

I Believe In You.

Happy New Moon.

I Love You.


Your Dear Beautiful Heart

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