Serious Business Happening Right Here🔥

The seriousness that I am referring to presently, is called Your life.

Yes- Yours.
And Yours.
And mine as well…

Look- it’s a new year, We just had a New Moon yesterday and are still basking in its new moon medicine-
You have probably made some declarations within the past 3 weeks about what You are going to do for Yourself, or are envisioning for You and Your Tribe in the unfolding of this year.
My advice and encouragement is this:
Take action.
Not tomorrow.
Not next month.

Take action, right now…

Action conquers fear.
If and when heart says ‘go!’, You will be grateful for heeding it’s advice.
Do it.
There is a reason why the opportunity has shown itself (this is called ‘You are Ready’) and there is reason why heart is giving You a message (once more, this is called ‘You are Ready’)- get it?
You are Ready.

Ready for change, alchemization, and to walk and wield Your power…

*It makes no matter who has any opinion about Your actions, plans and visions- You stay focused on what Your heart is directing.

*It makes no matter who wants to give You their fear story in hopes that You will join their fear party- like attracts like- You keep remembering that the stories of Others only help create Your reality when You authorize them as Your own. In other words- You keep believing in You and Your desired outcomes, nothing less…

*What matters is that You condition Your own disciplines and continue moving forward. All that is happening is a lesson and all that is showing up is opportunity.
Maximize Your potential in every situation (thank You, D’rell)- keep Your fires lit, this IS Your year.
•Were You told no? Keep going because You are now one step closer to Your ‘yes!’…
•People made fun of Your great dream and now are laughing about it on Fb? Keep growing in the lessons of blessing Others and know that alignment is happening with wherever You are concentrating all that creative power of Yours…people only laugh at Others’ expense when they are afraid to hear their own hearts and hopes and dreams- by their own fears they show it, and by Our own love- We can bless ‘em…
•Did You fall into Your own stories of ‘scary’ and fear cycles? The fringers, the discoverers, the creators realized, are the Ones who make the big moves in the emergence and advancement of humanity. You are being catalyzed in this very moment by Your very own Greatness awaiting its cultivation.

Get up.
Write Your dreams down.
Envision is in visioning.
Imagination is holding the image of.
Gratitude is Grace.

Take action, because You are worthy of creating Your dreams.
Outgrow Your fears to grow Your connections and creations.

Thank You to the 3 people who inspired this writing this day-
I hope We All See Ourselves in This…

Sew Fire🔥

Thank You…

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