Happy New Moon In Aquarius…

Jaguar BLSL

Dear Beautiful You,

Still Beautiful. Still You. 


Have You been feeling the change that is upon Us? Have You been noticing the shifts that have been occurring in different aspects of Your world lately? Feel the energies moving? 

You know that feeling when You are standing on the precipice and about to jump? That sort of anxious, butterflies all over the belly, tinge of danger type of excited ‘can You feel this?’ sort of feeling?

Have You seen the way the stories of the people who tell You their stories are peppered with their fear acknowledgements and perceptions of overwhelming lately? We are all adept Storytellers, all well versed in weaving Our own creations and realities… what stories have You been writing lately?

Relax, Dear Beautiful You.

Take a deep breath.

Let’s have a look into this…

This New Moon In Aquarius coupled with a Solar Eclipse as well is a welcome respite from the breathing space We have been in since Autumn Equinox of last year. Katabasis is Our underworld and since September 2017, We have descended, sat on the bottom to see Ourselves and are now ascending towards the reflection of the light at the end of the tunnel that is actually Our very own heartfire transmissions. 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus- the planet of lightning medicine/quick and sudden change. You see, the timing of this new moon is in perfection, as the most perfect fire to be lit beneath Us, to set Our motivations and intentions in action leading up to the Spring Equinox in March.

When We allow Our fires to burn- We lighten up- in both brilliance and the the weights that We carry.

It is no longer about releasing energy, it is about alchemizing energy.

Dear Beautiful You-

Allow Yourself to expand and initiate…

Allow Yourself to recognize and remember…

Allow old perceptions to grow into higher learnings…

Allow footsteps to be taken on fertile soil…

Allow heart to guide You…

Know that You are an Alchemist.

Allow the challenges into Your world, what better blessing than to have the classroom and her wisdom come directly to You?

Allow them to laugh and poke and rest assured that this is refining Your mettle…

Allow the lessons to come in and flow along as You choose to remember and apply them…

Know that You are the Student and the Teacher both, in every moment unfolding.

Allow the momentum to grow.

Get excited about the implementation of Your dreams and the subsequential manifestations of Your desires. 

Allow Yourself to believe in Yourself.

I believe in You.

Be Your own biggest Fan, Mover and Shaker.

Know that You are worth it.

Breathe into the knowing that You are creating this.

Dear Beautiful You…

The next moment is not promised, illumination is happening now. 

Fires lit.

Take action.

Honour the magyc by honouring the Self.

Happy New Moon, Dear Beautiful You.

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