ScaredScarredAndSacred sat in front of the mirror one day and took a good long look at Herself.

‘Where did those come from? Has that always been there? When did that turn grey? Where was I when these were growing?’ And so the story goes, as she poked and prodded, pinched and pined- reminding her ego of her own ‘not good enoughs’ and ‘can’t do rights’.

As the Virgo Full Moon sits in magnified space, with all eyes upon her, it is important to remember that We can be Our own worst critics- and in the same breath Our own most powerful of Creators. Fear or Love, as it has always been, the choice is what grants Us opportunity to expand and the decision is what helps Us walk powerfully.

You are Your own Captor and Saviour, Your own Enemy and Friend. The choice, Dear Reader, is the experience to level up, grow beyond and realize. What You choose wields Your wisdom and reveals You Your worth.

Liberation Is Only A Revelation Away…

ScaredScarredAndSacred overtaxed Herself on all of that ‘yessing’ for the Broken Wings who managed to find themselves in her witness. Back and forth they would dance in front of her with their pretend broken wings flailing- ‘take care of me! Do this because you need me! Don’t leave me, you won’t make it alone!’, are their siren songs for ScaredScarredAndSacred to outgrow and beyond…

As this Full Moon ventures upon Us, may We remember that Our service to Others, is only ever as effective as the help We allow for Ourselves. This Virgo Moon brings up the situations that are necessary for Our own Cosmic jolts and catalyzations. The more resistant that We are to opening the doors for Our personal growth, the louder the Universe will knock.

Use this time to train up for the walk of Your new path. Allow new morning regimens to take root in Your life so that You are conscious in the creation of Your day. Breathe deep and remember that good health- occurs in mind, body, and spirit- and so the importance of righteousness lived in Your life, is what brings both the realization and the alignment of riches- mental, material and spiritual.

The Power Is Within You, Access It By The Understanding Of Allow…

ScaredScarredAndSacred stood up one day and reminded Herself the Truth of her being:

 ‘I exist, I am aware, I create

  I deserve, I breathe, I receive’

Beyond the doubt she saw opportunity,

Beyond the chaos she was order,

Beyond the challenge there was choice,

Beyond the limit she was freedom,

And beyond the lie there was love.

ScaredScarredAndSacred walked away that day, never to be heard from again.

When does the Infinite ever name itself?

When it is one step from that one moment when it knows…

Happy Full Moon To All, Shine It Bright🔥


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