Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moon

The ship rocks back and forth in the storm as We undergo a beautiful process called weathering. Winds blow and bring the rains. Our ability to venture into rolling waves that hit Us with a powerful force from all directions allows Us the opportunity to see Our own strength, apply Our faith, and gain new hopes when all seems lost.

Happy New Moon, Pisces.

Never been this deep?


Overwhelmed? Can’t breathe?

Scary is a feeling.

As is anger.

And hurt.

And pain.

As are intentions to grow.

And a declaration to heal.

And right now, the most perfect things have been brought up in order for wounds to be cleaned, dressed and readied to heal and scar.

These emotions.

Our immersions into the watery dark, brings up Our greatest fears to be anticipated and projected.

Look at Yourself.

It is time.


This is growth.

Set Your course by the stars, Captain.

Intentions are powerful.

When We choose to sit with Our emotions, We allow a look at Our feelings to gain the understanding that the ‘feeling’ is a branching from the perspective.

When We have a feeling about a thing, We are reacting to the perspective We have chosen to see about the thing.

In other words- Our feelings and emotions are directly connected to how We choose to witness experiences and people including the current situations in Our world. We choose the name of what We see.

We deem it what it is.

Trial, problem, calamity, mountain to be moved, test of faith and catalyst.

Again- Our abilities to choose what We witness makes Us powerful.

You are deciding in every moment- by what is thought, seen, perceived, spoken, felt, written, acted, reacted and responded upon….

All of it.

Direct the creative power of this New Moon into making peace within Yourself.

As We hold Our intentions to under and overstand Our feelings, We gain deeper insights to the stories of resistance which may now be cleared and We can flow in the creation process of breathing life (inspire, aspire) into Our dreams, hopes and visions.

Ships were built to travel and discover- not to float pretty in harbours or sink and rot at the bottom of oceans. It is time.

Your time.

Master Year.

New Moon.

New You.

Spring Equinox is coming.

This is only a clear out- so let it clear.

Rebirths and Emergence are the tools of the hour.

Breathe deep and remember…

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