Full Moon In Scorpio


Dear Beautiful You…


It has been some time since We sat, saw and shared.

Thank You for You, Dear Beautiful You.

Do You know that You are Divine?

Have You remembered lately that all comes from love?

Love is the seed, it is up to the vision and hand of the Farmer how the plant will grow.

Vulnerable in this moment, it is good to see You again.

The word ‘vulnerable’, is a good lesson to learn by. Another one that I find of immense importance at this time is ‘intense’.

This Scorpio Full Moon is a full moon of both new found vulnerability and extreme intensity.

Upheaval usually is.

Right now, the Sun grows into the sign of steady Taurus, whilst the Moon becomes active with a Scorpionic life/death/ReBirth creative charge.

It is a sensual dance of growth and fertility gliding in rhythmic embrace to cathartic death rituals from the feet of Shiva, Himself for his Beloved, Parvati-

Beautiful You, this is the time to actively create the spiral steps of Your own Nataraja and bring Your own Universe into  its in-formed Creation. By Your power and by Your choice.

To create in New Moon energies, We must outgrow in the shadow’s light of the Full Moon. This is the time to go beyond, grow beyond, move beyond and transform.

Dear Beautiful You, Master YourSelf.

This involves going into the dark spaces and rather than claim, blame or shame-

Sit with the feelings that arise, and move deeper than that. No judgement and no guilt, solely witness the feelings. When We do not react off of Our reactions to Our feelings, We allow Ourselves to go deeper into the experience. As this happens, Our reactive states naturally quiet themselves so that more may be revealed.

In revealing, comes revelation.

To see.

We can see Our perspectives that bring about Our feelings, when We choose to sit down and look at things rather than emotionally react. Our feelings come as reaction to Our very own perspectives and that perspective is always Our choice to be chosen. Your choice. My choice. We choose. Our story.

Dear Beautiful You, You are this powerful.

This Full Moon, You deserve to allow YourSelf:

~to remember.

~to respond from heart rather than react in fear.

~to take bigger steps and to honour how far You have made it- to here.

~to take accountability for how You choose to feel and how often that You choose ‘happy’ in Your moments…

~to let Others be accountable for how they choose to feel and how often that they choose ‘happy’ in their moments.

~to love Self unconditionally, and know that each decision and each unfolding has all been in perfection.

As always, it is always an honour to share a moment, a thought and breath with You-

Dear Beautiful You.

Be Blessed As You Are A Blessing.

Sow Fire🔥

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