Happy New Moon In Taurus



Know At This Time…

Turned soil creates pockets of nitrogen to feed roots drinking deep inside the dark.

It takes a brave Soul to remember Their courage.

And Their roots.

Here is a message to remember Yours.

You are.

Feed Your Soul At This Time…

Find Your nourishment that sustains Your grown, growth and growing.

Your own body tells You- speaking necessary conversations at necessary intensity in necessary times- what is needed, deserved, desired and aspired.


This vessel has been with You from the beginning, made from the same elements as stars, here to bridge Your experience with Your imagination.

Desire miraculous.

Grow in Your grace.

Remember Your Power At This Time…

Selfish is ‘to be of the nature of Oneself’- what is Your nature?

Is it worry? Is it fear?

Does the seed hesitate to open? Does the leaf refuse to grow?

Love is Your nature- and so yes to being Selfish in the understanding of its wisdom.

Love is the truth to be remembered at this time.

Self inquiry is the access to this awareness.

All seeds come from love- it is up to the Farmer how the plants grow.

Our choices are powerful.

Receive At This Time…

The assured knowing of new beginnings and the steps that speak said intentions.

The good that reflects the good that You are, the good that You remember, the good that You see, the good that You make, the good that You honour, the good that You love, the good that You live, the good that is You- IS- the good that You deserve.

See it to serve it.

We name it to grow beyond it.

Now is the time for Your greatest creations yet…

May the abundance and heartlight flow for You and Yours this New Moon.


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