Full Moon In Sagittarius

Sag Full Moon

I stand next to Broken-Hand, a Friend that I have known for years who is also a revered Paiute Medicine Man.
I am trembling from the energy of expectancy and anticipating the outcome of this twilight time.
This moment.
By a hollowed space along the San Miguel River, elevated and embraced by the San Juan Mountains- I stand listening to both the Water and the Wind as they speak of journeys and initiations.
Broken-Hand has offered the gift to share with me the Paiute wisdom and experience of the ritual of the Sweat Lodge.
The Wind speaks his encouragements.
Of course I jumped at the chance to participate.
*The power of this Full Moon in Sagittarius brings each of Us ample opportunity to shine big moonlight upon darkened shadows and whatsoever may lie within them- obscured by the stories of Our very own fears’ telling.
Have You taken a moment to hear the Wind?
To deny a thing, is to declare Your own fear of it.
Do You recognize the lesson in each moment? Do You witness the window to observe, take action and re-align? Do You realize that this is Your choice in what to do with what is happening right now?

As We are gathering the fallen limbs to create the frame for the structure for the Ceremony, I am surprised when I see another man walking up to Us.
He speaks to me with his smile.
This is Stands-With-His-Medicine, a childhood Friend of Broken-Hand, and another well known Medicine Man.
I appreciate the gentle that is both men.
It is interesting how when We decide to embark upon a Journey, a One can never quite tell who will show up to assist, guide, gift and help Us along the way.
All who reveal ThemSelves along the way are helpful,
And All that happens is necessary.
Stands-With-His-Medicine has brought an assortment of animal furs to be the cover for Our sweatlodge and to hold vigilance and good medicine for Our Journey.
Bear, mountain lion and elk are instantly identified.
Strong. Noble. Powerful.
I watch as he begins to make little rolled tobacco leaves bundled inside strips of a bandana he has ripped into lengths.
When finished with his process, he speaks prayers and blows holy smoke over each one and hangs it from the limb supports inside.
*The Sag lunation of the Full Moon calls for abundance, initiation, tribal mind and vision.
Discount nothing.
Judge nothing.
Honour Self and the Ancestors whose steps helped to bring You to here.
Take a deep breath of life, and allow all to be in this moment.
What has shown up, is refining You.
What has happened, has brought You to this point.
Allow, allow, allow…
When We open OurSelves to witness deeper in the experience,
We move deeper into Our own awareness.

As the prayers are sung for each round,
the hot rocks are fired in the flames just outside the eastern facing door.
And as those rocks, lit red, are brought by shovel inside of the structure, they show pictures and visions in their heated illuminations- this ritual is not only showing me Myself but also affording me a clear channel to purify from within- body, mind, emotion and Spirit.
I am recognizing the toxins I have allowed MySelf to live with. What I have allowed my own Self to endure, perpetuate and cycle in.
Making excuses for Others.
Procrastination in my own world.
Entertaining daily, the self created stories of ‘not good enough’.
As the steam fills the lodge and my lungs are heavied by the intense weight of the wet air, I can see the things that I have held onto in my life in fear, as I had become so familiar with the complacency of my own unhappiness.
No longer will I live this way.
Deep Breath.
*This Full Moon reminds Us that ‘action conquers fear’. At times, in order to elevate OurSelves from a situation, We must continuously go deeper and seek within, certain energies and entities that have long held Us back.
Namely, OurSelves.
Whether it is cultural or familial conditioning, or even self declared- this is the time for expansive level-ups, realizations, and powerfilled steps in the directions that Our hearts show Us.
Hear it.
See it.
Take action.
Emerge into the Light, emitting from the center of Your very own chest.
This is Your life.
These are Your steps.
Choose wisely.
And stay receptive.

Wado, Broken-Hand
Wado, Stands-With-His-Medicine.
I Remember.

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne.
To All Relations, Sow Fire…

~Tia LaVoie

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