Happy Gemini New Moon



She had been used and mistreated.

Kicked whilst she tried to get back up again.

Ridiculed and humiliated. 

Felled and failed, not much to anything.

Kind words were a scarcity and a brave face a rarity in her world.

She had been squandered and sold.

Bottom dollar. Her beliefs soon followed.

Her sails were beaten by the winds of fate to the point of forgetting who she was.



Until the New Moon in Gemini set in. 

Until that small spark of action, creates a burst of light that ignites the power of her passions, once more. 

A powerful and powerfilled energy moves through every fiber of her being at this time- 

‘It is time!’, it declares…

‘Awaken!’, it says…

‘Move!’, it demands…

It continues…

‘You are everything that You could ever dream to be, Dear One. 

You are the hope, the faith and the transcendence that You have pleaded and prayed for. 

You are the Sun and the Moon and the hands that hung them where they are.

You are every star ever wished upon and every penny ever thrown into the river. 

You are the devotee and the Worshipped. You are the human remembering her Divine and every deity who wandered lost and crazy in the desert.

You are every forgotten name, injured past  and wounded ego wailing. 

You are every word from every blessing, every elixir made from the poison, and every heart that is now remembering its brilliance and shine.

You are every healing and every level up.

You are Alchemy.


You are Shiva and Vasuki, shapeshifting the pain to the pleasure.

You are the reverence, the joy, and the happy that is chosen each time a One honours life…

Honours Themselves.

Helps an Other…


You are Initiation.

You are Journey.

You are Power.

You are Hearts, Aligned.

You are Love, Harmonized.

You are every Secret of the Universe and Key of Life.

In Joy.


Happy New Moon In Gemini…



And Celebrate.

Thank You.

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