Happy Full Moon In Capricorn…


Think You missed Your chance?

Think again…

All We have is right now.

Right now.

Write now.

Right Your writings.

Write Your rightings.

The stories You have chosen to believe in, You breathe life into.

The most perfect moments of the reflections of Our very own potentials step forward at this time under the illumination of the Light Mother (Full Moon Receptivity) and the shadow of the Dark Father (Saturn’s Actions).

This is the time for witnessing Our judgements…

And realigning with Our hearts.

There is no head and heart- and they have never been in battle.

It is all You.

What You see and call separate-

Is what has been asking for Your realization and observance of Union.

Extremes and polarities and the pendulum between, begin to swing and move in ways, directions and speeds that have yet to be seen.

Fear not-

All that has happened has been necessary to Our growth…

And all that is happening currently, is only occurring for Our greater good.

Know this.

And See You.

In this MoonTime revealing- allow YourSelf the freedom of Your own movement and wake.

Look behind You to see how Your waves in the past have hit, look ahead to focus the outcomes of Your intentions right now, stand here and see in the current moments Your actions chosen, intended and implemented…

Be grateful.

Seeing blessings in Our worlds, will bring about more things to feel blessed by.

The energy of this potent combination of intuitive and introspective Mother and the Father of all things Tower card from the tarot deck opens Us up for revelations and breakthroughs walking hand in hand.

Nothing that is Yours, is ever truly lost.

You may have resisted it for awhile (decades, lifetimes etc..) but connections don’t sever nor do they die- the energy can only change its form.

This is a stunning lesson in Alchemy.

At this time, pick up the phone when opportunity calls.

Answer the door.

Take the step into what You have fearfully called the Unknown.

Be brave in the dark-

This is how We open Our eyes to see the Light.

You know it already, have always known-

Only been attempting to deny Yourself and calling the reflection ‘Them’…

Embrace You.

Now, Remember.

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne…

Thank You For Choosing To Create….

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