Super New Moon In Cancer/Eclipse…


‘Eyes open, with her face in the dirt.

Palms splayed out and fingers in the soil.

The smell of the earth in her nose, 

is a much needed reminder of two things-

1) We must breathe to survive and

2) Discernment aids the deed

She spits out the grit in her mouth and takes assessment of her fall’…

~ New Moons bring opportunity to take the knowledge gained from previous lessons and apply them in conscious action, this is how a One becomes wise.

To do so, We must look around- see OurSelves, to see where We stand, what the angle looks like from here, and moreso, to gain presence in Our current situations.

‘She musters the strength in her arms, to push herself up from the ground. 

Sheer will.



But a thing that must be done, will be done when there is no thing else to lose.

Our strength is readily demonstrated when We proceed without hesitation.

If she had any more sense, she certainly would stay down, 

but worlds are not discovered by sense.

Exploration comes from the Calling-

By treasures knowing their worth.

Be easy, intention will set the action-

steps will get Us there, heart will lead the way’…

~ New Moon ignites the initiation of the Journey into OurSelves. As a Super Moon in the sign of the Crab plus an Eclipse energy of the tide turnings, heightened awareness and magnified/amplified energies all work together to bring about 180 degree experiences with quantum leap progressions and level up commencings with an emphasis on the ‘feeling’ aspects of Us.

Our emotional bodies are as real as Our physical ones.

Take action from this knowing.

How do I feel in this space?…

What does my heart say here?…

‘Up, out, and elevate-

Expansion, progress and growth.

She extends her arms, each branch-

In the direction towards the sun.

She follows the light- 

At times, the rains come along.

Waters wash her clean, 

purified in heartlight baptisms, beyond the definings of one religion and man’s fear, 

knowing her own power and abilities for Emergence.





~ This New Moon, may We each discover Our own abilities to grow. I suppose it is the price of falling.

Happy Super New Moon, EveryOne🔥

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