Before this Author proceeds any further with this month’s Full Moon In Pisces write-up~ 

I would like to give a deep and respective bow to Tony Beretta, Laurie Lou, Dominique and a Dragón. Without each of You along on the adventure that I am about to describe here to the Audience, this writing would simply not be the same. 

I thank You All, humbly, for reception, tenacity and most of all, Your courage.

As I sit here, tapping these buttons in the ‘notes’ app of my phone, to record this story to share with You, I have to smile at how  beautiful this Universe works in synchronized waves of creating and creation. 

Already, the Piscean influence is upon Us.

As I look over this story, I remember that We are both Dreamer and the Dream as well as all of the beautiful lessons-soon-opportuning-as-potential-wisdom that comes from Our dreamtime awakenings.

The Full Moon fish, helps Us to navigate the chaos into order- by placing Us in situations so that We may do just that. 

This is the time of Our own personal Djedi training, and the allowance of transcendence from Our entangling conditions.

Without further ado, I would like to tell the story of my day’s experience which I am giving a secondary title aptly named ‘The Day I Witnessed A Mountain Move Mountains At The Ocean In The Sky’…

LionHeart sends a text with the inquiry of ‘would I like to go summit Fire Mountain’- I give a ‘yes’, with no hesitation. From the top of sacred peaks, there whispered a gentle encouragement that this would be a journey well deserved as pilgrimage. 

The group convenes before the sun wakes, and each who have arrived, are anticipating the unfoldings of this day.

The Neo inside of each of Us, is offered by the Morpheus within each of Us- the red pill. 

Each Neo within ingests, as chamanic journeys typically utilize a certain tool, fungus, vine, cactus, flower, brew etc to help assist the Individual into its own realizations of One.

~ Pisces is the Dionysus of the zodiac, awaiting the ecstatic celebration of life itself. The rituals of eternal dance, the katabasis, and the rebirth are all a part of this sign.

With all ritual, there is offering- an exchange of energy reciprocated. What do You offer at this time to move through Your veils and bindings? What do You allow proper burial into the soil, where it can be watered by life and new nourishment can then grow from its own processes of breakdown and putrification?

As We begin the trail and pay reverence, there is warning of a threat-

And each One bolts to move.

A storm is gathering and authority is still a question of perspective.

Test One, down.

A moment is taken to ‘adjust’, which over the entire ceremony of the day, becomes a magycal incantation to be answered at the question of, ‘are You good?’.

‘Adjusting’, becomes fast the term, for what is happening when a wave of intense wonder, review, and realization overcome each One, throughout the steps taken. 

~Pisces medicine invokes floor shifting changes for the expansion of Our very awareness. Adaptability is key for progression as We each learn that not only can We stay afloat in emotional waters, but We can also gather strength, assuredness and the wherewithal to actually create in and thrive there.

Hunters fly by Us, chasing the bloodscent of a wounded buck. This stirs things up for each of Us as We witness the scene playing across a mountain directly in Our line of vision. 

Coming from a Family of hunters, the men here do not strike Me as respectful to what they are doing. To take the life of another thing, for whatever intention, deserves a kind of honour. 

To take life, give life. This is the way.

With the speech they are using, and their tactics of 4 on 1- something feels off and We all carry Our perspectives of the experience.

The judgements, the ‘don’t judge’, the ‘im not staying to watch this’, the ‘can We sit down right here’ and the sweet full moon of the earth smiling down towards Us, as We each work through Our crossroads- grants Us the most perfect opportunities to remember.

Remember what We are, 

What We do…

And in each moment, 

What We are creating…

The scene changes as soon as We choose to level-up.

The Buck escapes to live another day.

In the distance, dark clouds gather to remind Us back to Our focus.

Boom, Boom, Boom- a Mountain is waking…

Test Two, Down.

~ As Pisces and the Full Moon both carry the powers of cycles coming to a close, We find Ourselves upon the precipices of Our thresholds where the caterpillar is still resisting the inevitable and the butterfly’s anticipation for new life is lighting fires to promise that what a One considers death, in the next moment, an Other calls it ‘reBirth’. 

Our abilities to choose Our own perspectives and write Our own stories is what makes Us such powerful authority in Our unique ‘Book Of Life’. Pisces Full Moon moves Us into the understanding of the expansion of Our very own awareness. This is Ours and it is time to own it.

Continuing on at 12% grades over loose rock, high above treeline, pushing through the mental barriers of cramping legs, lack of oxygen and the ‘can We really make this before the storm sets in’- the tired but determined party continues to move onward and upward. Inward, too. Sensitivities heighten but that’s what happens when We unplug and enter new unexplored terrain.

At the peak, the party splits and two climb a hill whilst three walk the perimeter of its base. This grants Us an eagle eye view opening a window to the world- echoes remind Us the power of Our own voice, whilst the mountains embrace Us as We all sit together to breathe. The 5 Journeyers of this day, reunioned, look out upon the world from the abode of the gods-

a hawk flies out from the cliff’s ledge, gives greeting and soars directly over Us.

The crowd goes quiet.

Offering Us the power of ‘Yes’, each person watches in wonder at such a beautiful scene.

Test Three, down.

A Mountain sees Herself, stretches, yawns, and begins to rise.

~How many times do We say ‘no’ when We would love to give a ‘yes’ but Our fears stifle the expression? How often do We climb to the edge, jump, dip and soar beyond the stories of Our fears? When was the last time You chose this action? When was the last time that You allowed Your full trust in the Universe to offer all that was necessary? All that was waking? All that refines You? Great rewards are bestowed upon Us whenever 

We choose to face the monsters of Our psyches. It’s a blessing to Our growth.

As the storm moves in, and Oya sends thunderous messages for Us to get going, We all come to Our understandings. 

This was the most perfect destination for today, the most perfect of unfoldings for Our personal realizations, and the most beautiful of happenings to get Us to there, which ultimately is right here. 

We begin Our descent after gifting Our thank You’s and shifting Our awareness. 

Sometimes it takes lightning bolt type of jolts and a healthy dose of danger to help Us remember that We are mountains and oceans and eagles inside. 

At one point, along a slippery walkway, with a few sore asses and a few bruised knees, a  conversation ensues and I hear a profound statement that only connection can recognize-

‘When You are ready, I’ll be here’…

A statement that offers reassurance for an outstretched hand ready to balance and stabilize, 

A statement that grants a knowing of the steadying magyc of choice and action, 

A statement that is so truthfully spoken by a Mountain remembering that she is indeed, a Mountain.

~ Dear Reader, I hope that You have enjoyed this message of the Full Moon In Pisces, and the sharing of a very personal scene from my life. 

I hope that it is helpful in helping You to remember that whether You live at sea level or in elevations, You are a most powerful force for creation and that what You create, is all up to You. 

May We all remember that We are Mountains at the top of the oceans in the sky and may We remember for the rest of Our days that when We are ready, We are here…

My heart to Yours-

Happy Full Moon🔥

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