Full Moon In Aries


“She stands on the smoky battlefield and looks out across the scene…

Been here before.

Many a time.

The fight, even when it’s been called the good fight, has been a part of her life, for as long as she can remember.

There has always been a thing to protect, a thing to wrestle control of, a thing to defend.

It is easy to react in full go-mode, when the sounds of the battle cry announces that threat has been detected.

She was reared with the mental concepts of, ‘if You don’t stand for something, You will fall for anything’ and ‘it’s a dog eat dog world out there’.

She is tired.


Battered and bloodied, she cries…”

Full Moon In Aries, encourages Us to witness the battles that We have engaged in. Our war stories. Our weapons. Futile tools that are coming to the end of their good use. It is time to muster Our courage and become authentic in the understandings of why We ever fought to begin with.

What started this war?

“She observes the dead in her viewing. What she has lost, what she has given, and sacrificed in the name of belief. 

A WiseMan told her once, ‘Beware of the word ‘lie’ inside the word ‘belief’.’

What she left behind in battle, she tortures herself by. 




All relentless in their judgements as she fears the memories, all catalyzing her if she would only take a breath and the hand for help.

That hand.

The guiding one.

The one that has been outreached.

The one that has been here, waiting.

The one that knows and touches her heart.

Helping hands are messenger Angels, patiently allowing Us to make Our own way to them- to see, realize, and ultimately to reach out for…”

This Full Moon illumination, asks of Us, exactly what is necessary to move from battle into peace.

It will bring up the shadow so that Our fears, may once again, transmutate into the radiance of the truth of what is.

“She hears the sounds of the warning of the threats again. What will she do? Training says, ‘stand Your ground. Hold them off. Fortify the parameter. Dig in. Buildup Your defense. Assemble offensive lines. Be ready.’

But she’s tired. And war weary. And of no desire to fight. 

She has had enough.

To receive a different outcome, We must take different actions.

This time, something has to change.

This time, she lays down her weapons.

This time, she opens her arms.

This time, her heart transmits the love of what is.

This time, the battlefield dissipates as there is no war cry or separating reactions.

This time, things change- and love permeates through the entirety of its existence.

This time, 

She is.

It is.

You are.


Happy Full Moon In Aries…

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