Happy SamHain Or How To Make Fire With One Stick…

Enlight257 2

Hands open, palms up…


Words spoken, intentions set…


Body strong, action taken…


Set the fires, burn them bright…


This time of happening,

Veil is thinned-

Who is comparing?

Perhaps not the Veil, but Our own resistance…

Perhaps not the story, but Our own allowance…

How do You burn a fire with just 1 stick?

How do You create light from nothing?

By breaking the stick into several.

By realizing the light desired is the light We already see by.

And what is seen.

And that it is seen.

How to make light from nothing-

Is Known.

By knowing-things.

Accepting what is…

Is whatever is chosen…


Believing in what is…

Is whatever We decide it to be…


Walking in what is…

Is whatever We name it to be….


The time is now for the reverence of what has lain in the obscured and shadowed.

The time is now for going within, of depth filled beckonings by Our own callings and curiosities.

Hear heart, hear heart…

And remember what You are made of.

Beautiful Divine, always a pleasure…

Thank You.

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