Happy New Moon In Scorpio~ Make Your Road And Bless Them…

New Moon In Scorpio Is Here…

Before this Writer begins Her sharing…
I say ‘thank You’ to Signore Dantè Alighieri- whose famous poem, ‘The Divine Comedy’ is the inspiration and doorway for the expression of this Writer’s creation for the New Moon In Scorpio this week…

“If the present world go astray, the cause is in you, in you it is to be sought.
In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost. Ah, how hard a thing it is to tell what a wild, and rough, and stubborn wood this was, which in my thought renews the fear!”

~ this New Moon in Scorpio’s lunation, encourages each of Us to ‘go within’. To seek out Our under and over-standings as a way of leading Us to Our own Self Mastery. Gaining clarity over why You perceive and react as You have and do will help to gain a certain level-up in all steps coming beyond the revelations made by Your own self realizations. To create Your own reality, You must be willing to face what You have already created…

“This mountain is of such sort that climbing it is hardest at the start; but as we rise, the slope grows less unkind. Salvation must grow out of understanding, total understanding can follow only from total experience, and experience must be won by the laborious discipline of shaping one’s absolute attention.”

~ how beautiful it is that most of Us, before setting out upon Our actions, journeys and endeavours decided, oftentimes, create Our own self imposed stories to confirm Our fears of what We have convinced Ourselves of ‘not knowing’. If the ego fear can convince You of a scary enough monster, then You won’t step beyond the familiar.
Journeys and their rewards, Dear Reader, require courage.
All antagonisms are complimentary- and all that has shown up, is the challenge of Your own refinement. This New Moon, reminds Us that no matter how far We go, We are always right here, and here, in presence, is how We access Our super powers for creating consciously.
All roads, all modalities of philosophy, all understandings of concept and ideal- lead to here in this very moment.
When a One is in need of a salvation, this is how They save ThemSelves…

“Those ancients who in poetry presented
the golden age, who sang its happy state,
perhaps, in their Parnassus, dreamt this place.
Here, mankind’s root was innocent; and here
were every fruit and never-ending spring;
these streams–the nectar of which poets sing.
A light there is in the beyond which makes the Creator visible to the creature, who only in beholding Him finds peace.”

~ what power You hold, within You, Dear Reader- to make, Be, speak, and do as You like. To create at will.
This is the path of the Annointed, the Christed, the Wisened, and the Fool.
Self reflection, accepted,
leads a One to self realization, known.
You are this powerful to receive Your power- in this very moment. Simply by acceptance. Allowance. To move in flow beyond the resistance of Your own cultivated fears. And to know what ‘Joy and Peace’ truly are- chosen and lived.

“Follow Your road and let the people say.”
~ Make Your road and bless them…

Happy New Moon In Scorpio-
You Are The Very Light That You Seek…

Thank You.

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