With All Of The Movement And Activity This Holy Day Season…

With all of the movement and activity this Holy Day season…

Remember Yourselves as well.

The word ‘remember’ originates from the phrase ‘to sew back together’.


Remember what You deserve. (All of it)

Remember what You are worth. (Priceless)

Remember Your desired outcomes.

Remember Your dreams.

Remember Your aspirations, literally, what You breathe into.

Remember Your loved Ones still here- and honour those whose souls outgrew their bodies.

Remember You made it.

Remember You are free. (We are so free that We can choose Our own bondage)

Remember that You are creating.

Remember that You are here, and here is where We access Our super powers.

Remember that everything that has ever happened to You, has been Your catalyst to make You stronger.

Remember You are everything that You see, call and name.

Remember that hope is a Beautiful Thing, Faith is Your Friend, and Courage is Your Divine Right.

Remember that what You have been judged by was only reflection of their own.

Remember that what You judge, is still You.

Remember Your abilities to create at will, with a thought.

Remember no One else will give it to You, until You give it to You.

Remember security is a state of mind.

Remember, everyOne has a story.

Remember, We are Our own authors.

Remember that hearts can only love.

Remember that You outswam 500 million Others to be who You are today- winner.

Remember You are powerful.

Remember You are creating.

Remember Life.

Remember Love.

Remember You…

Happy Holy Days, Tribe…

Thank You for blessings and being One…


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