ShadowShine 5 Week Intensive Tele-Course 1/11 – 2/10/2019

ShadowShine is a 5 Week Intensive Tele-Course created with the intention to help AnyOne at any level of awareness to understand and empower ThemSelves by going within, to explore the shadow (past traumas and present conditions that influence Our lives/self worth/actions) and literally, illuminating what has been hidden.

ShadowShine will offer group classes, lessons, meditations and breathing excercises as well as One on One sessions with Me, Tia LaVoie.

This course is happening during the Katabasis (Winter) cycle and is complimentary to this time of year where We are sitting with OurSelves and Our shadow work.

ShadowShine Tele-Course Includes:

• 5/ 3 hour long Group Tele-Call Classes where We will utilize the space to share knowledge, inform, ask, answer and explore. 

• 4/ 30 minute personal sessions with Me via phone, for check-ins, to get into the personals for each Individual, to focus Our vision for what is showing up and how to apply what is being taught in each week’s lesson

• All Group Calls and Personal One on Ones will be recorded for You to keep with You and review when and as desired

• 24 hour online/ongoing support with a personal group chat thread and private FB page 

• Opportunities for personal work continuation together at special pricing

Offered Price: ShadowShine/ $400


Please Contact Izadora For More Info 720-883-3701

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