11 Day Intention Setting

I would like to offer this to each of You-
AnyOne who hears the call can show up for it, so know that You are invited…

I am offering an ‘11 Day Intention Setting/New Year Kickstart’ that will finish up on the 3rd of January.
Each day, We will meet up for a few moments to speak and share intentions, knowledge and focus for this via Video, Phone and Private Chat Thread- 
I am also offering a 30 minute session with anyOne who chooses to partake in this offering. 

Here’s the beautiful part about it- as equal energetic exchange is important and people tend to value things when they give value to things-
The price for this, is absolutely Your call. It is Your choice entirely what You would like to give for this. You pick the amount.

$1, $10, $10,000 etc… it is entirely Your choice to offer- the point of this is to show You (lessons within lessons, I love it) that You really do have affordable opportunities in life for learning a thing and bettering YourSelf- and here is a chance to take one…

11 Days of Intention Setting With LikeMinded Others
Chats, Breathing Excercises, Teachings, And A 30 Minute Session…
And You get to pick the energetic exchange….

Now, Who’s In?

12/24/2018 – 1/3/2019 
11 Daily Intention Settings @ 11a EST/ 10a CST/ 9a MST/ 8a PST

Please contact Izadora Arielle Melillo for further inquiry and action.
Paypal link to register- 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR SHADOWSHINE >>>>paypal.me/BeLoveSeeLove111 <<<<

Thank You🔥🐾🐾

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