Happy SoulStice And Full Moon To Each Of You

Today, is the day.

Look around in the dark that has been, Your Dark, in this time of Katabasis, this UnderWorld, this time for growth and realization.

Today is the day, that We wake up and stretch.

It is the day for open eyes and open hearts.

Feel that?

Receptions for the embrace of the Light within each of Us.

Today is the day for standing up and rising above the oceans of emotions.

Walk on Water-


Today is the day, for remembering Your own miracles.

That You are Your own miracle and everything else is a reflection to that miracle.

None can save Us but OurSelves,

None can live it, but Us.




Today is the day, that You realize what is seen, has always been You.

Shhhh, Dear Heart- no need for judgements, 

It feels better to be kind.

It feels better to hold gentle space,

Starting with OurSelves,

Even when the chaos beckons Us to walk in the void that is so seemingly scary until We realize that void is all this realm of potential creation interpreted by Our own fear stories.

Not to keep Us down, 

But to inspire Us to rise.

Be fearless.

Rise, Dear Heart.

You deserve and this world needs it.

Today is the day that We gather Our belongings,

Ahhh- belonging, what All desire yet what We strive so hard to deny-


You belong to YourSelf.

Belong here.

Belong to this Earth,

This human tribe, 

This light tribe,

This life tribe.

Our hearts, Dear Heart, do You see?

Today, is the day.

Today is the day that We begin Our ascent, 

That We walk in the Dark, through the Dark,

Out of the Dark, to venture top side, where the sun ray’s kiss Our foreheads to show Us what is Our own heart’s reflections…

Embrace Us by the love that We are, that We give, that We receive.


Sun kisses and moon glows and great risings and windfalls and buried treasures and spiritual riches and smoke walkers and Phoenix fires and life, and breath, and joy, and love…




Today is the Day.


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