Happy New Moon

Conditions build towers up high in the sky…

Fear are the bricks.

Emotions as mortar.

We make it real when We bring the blueprints.

Nothing inside other than the stories that have been written.

We give it a new coat of paint by Our ‘not-good-enoughs’, And then We decorate it with the confirmations of Our assumptions and judgements.

We stand at the top in Our towers, untouched so that Our hearts can be protected and Our vulnerables may be fortified against the unknown.

Because unknown is scary, didn’t You get the memo?

 We overlook vast cities of belief and perpetuation of Our own fears built up, one on top of the other.

New real estate reveals itself, every time We stay Our step in resistance to Our own heart’s encouragements. Our own heart’s dreamings to wake one day in the beautiful realization of it all, We create.

We built this.

Now, what to do?

You speak fear stories like You believe that they’re really Your truth…

How long have You been telling Yourself these things?

Selling Yourself these things?

How long have You been building the nightmare instead of the dream?

Gentrification of Our own self worth.

Our value.

Somewhere, when We get there, We have enough of it, and then things change.

Maximizing Our potential does not include dog eat dog mentalities,

whilst building fences and borders to keep the riff-raff out.

What do You fear?

Who do You fear?

Rocks in glass houses are not such good ideas…

Until they are.

Until the structure is ready to crumble.

And the conditions meet weary for the fall.

Trust, Dear Reader, the smile of an evolutionary revolutionary is across my face in this moment.

Any more rocks on the ground?

It only takes one to destroy the window and feel the breeze.

Got it?

Breathe easy, be easy.

Gentle is the path.

Let today be the day.

Be Your Day.

The day, that You began throwing rocks and watched the destruction of old conditions give way for more room to grow.

More room to roam.

More grass to be grown, to feel under One’s feet when they decide to leave ‘home’,  the safety net of conformities and the imaginary raised bars of normalcy.

Let today be Your day-

Where You remember Your worth, and build shelters for the homeless creations who have been wandering around in the streets of Your mind, in Your own fear cities instead of gates as the defense against them.

Let them in.

Remind them their worth.

As I am reminding You of Yours.

Build parks for stray animals so that We can integrate Our inner/Wildlings.

So that We can remember Our courage Our primal selves, Our freedom.

So that We can build what is desired rather than conditioning by obligation.


Let today be Your day,

 as I hand You this rock…

Happy New Moon, EveryOne.

Thank You

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