Happy Virgo Full Moon

Reader BeWare.

Things May Get Stirred Here.

This Rabbit-Hole Goes Deep.

Please Do Not Read Any Further Unless You Are Willing To Answer Honestly.

May The Shadow Come To Light.

Did the above words scare You away or did they entice You closer?


When was the last time that You found YourSelf afraid in the Dark?

When was the last time that You allowed YourSelf to be courageous in a fear moment?

Hunger Moon, reminds Us to be grateful for the abundance, even if only conceived in Our minds, at least in the beginning steps of creation. 


Help YourSelf and Each Other.


Be strong in Your step. 

Where You stand.


One act of courage, can change the entire reality of any situation.

Storm Moon Super Full Moon is happening, right now.

What are You choosing?

Cultivate Your discipline now.

Clean out the disservice.


Do You know about the word ‘virgin’?

It’s a title.

For a free woman.

A Free Woman…

A Free Woman.

Listen close-

It’s not about getting free,

It’s about realizing that You are already.



The Virgin.

The Free Woman.

Did You hear it?

When did You own it?

Your truth.

When did You attempt to resist it?

Your knowing.

When did You try to stifle, second guess, and persuade otherwise? When did You start doubting, shaming and guilting the potentials of Your very own life?

Eschew opportunity.

Kicked at doors that weren’t even open yet.

Wrong address.

No invite.

Write Your story.

Do You still recall the date?

Where it all began?

And grew from there- which is here.

Allow YourSelf the cleansing, purification and purge that is deserved by Your actions and steps chosen this far…

Give Your ‘thank You’ to everything and all of it…

Grace is the gift of Your Creator, honour it…

Happy Full Moon.

Better go now, before the rain picks back up…

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