Dear Reader,

For this month’s New-Moon Time In Pisces, I have three words for You.

I could ask if You are ready, but You already know that You are. You and I both are in the knowing that if the ‘something’ has crossed Our path, then We are ready to take action in that ‘something’.

Let Us proceed.

Here are Your three words:

Create, Beautiful Dreamer.

Create, the word, comes from the phrase ‘to form out of nothing’…

Beautiful, the word, originates from ‘charming’ and charming comes from ‘to sing songs or make incantations’…

Dreamer, the word, draws deeply from ‘A Sleeping Visionary’…

‘The Sleeping Visionary Sings Desires Into Form From Seemingly Out Of Nothing’

Form, formed and forming.

Whole, Holy, and Sacred.

How mystifyingly powerful You are- on this day, in this hour, in this very moment…

What do You choose?

To witness?

To deny?

Dreamer, You have always been.

Dreamer, this will always be…

Dreamer, You are forming each ‘moment of now’ from the thoughts that You nourish YourSelf with in Your previous step…

Dreamer, You are made for this.

Dreamer, Your dreams are magyc.

Dreamer, You are calling this in. Each desired outcome, each point of Your focus.

Dreamer, what do You want?

Dreamer, what do You see?

Dreamer, do You know that Your intentions and visions lead to miracles and creations?

Dreamer, once You know, then it is known.

Dreamer, You are making this up.

Dreamer, yes this is real.

Dreamer, the two have never been separate.

Dreamer, Union Knows Peace.

Dreamer, It Is Time.

Dreamer, Wake Up.

Dreamer, I Thank You…

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