Thank You, Life…

Thank You, Life…
For giving Me the organic, living classrooms called ‘experience’, in order for Me to learn, to remember and to grow. Expansion is a natural by-product of growth. I am grateful for growing in this moment.
Thank You, Breath…
For offering Me the action to breathe into the process, the ritual, and the realizations to bring about different outcomes. Breath is how We inspire (breathe in) and aspire (breathe out) to create. Every thought, can be breathed into, in order to gain new angles (Angels) of perception.
Thank You, Heart…
For being the gift that You are. Thank You for always being open to help guide My steps and My actions- this includes My thoughts, which also both My feelings and emotions branch from. Thank You for staying receptive to sharing Your wisdom and for always being there, even in the past, when I have turned My back temporarily to You…

Soon come, Spring will be upon Us.
Soon come, the Yucatán Retreat@ La Mariposa Alchemica Retreat.
Soon come, the new unfolding moments of remembrance.
Soon come, the Thursday Evening Call (tonight).
Soon come, another time to change a thing, to shift, to be.
Soon come, the LightningWalk Group Apprenticeship begins.
Soon come, steadying harmony.
Soon come, chances, options and infinite potentials.
Soon come, another moment to remember what is ‘worth it’ here.
Soon come, I remember that We are all creating this.
Soon come, sowing fire.
Soon come, the beautiful reflections of the knowing of love…

Ahhh- nevermind the ‘soon come’. 
It is here, now.
This moment.
What will You make as the bold honouring of Your creative power today?

Thank You

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