‘New Moon In Taurus’

-New Moon In Taurus- 

The Act of Seeing and Being

She’s come just to the edge now…

Stay or leap

Sink or swim

Continue on in the bevels of familar and complacent

Or remember what She knows and allow Her world to change.

It’s been a Journey,

Coming to this edge.

Many steps and many lessons.

Many times made fun of- 

Many times where She was left alone.

She breathes deep and feels the wind stir with Her emotions.

She has been hurt, She has been angry

She has laughed, She has danced, She has cried and She has loved.

My, My, My- the Knowledge that She has gained from those adventures.

The stories that She has lived.

The gainings that She has acquired,

Rewards of Her courageous sojourns.

The best amongst Her bounty includes:

     ~ You are creating in this very moment

     ~ Where there is life, there is hope

     ~ To change anything, You must be willing to look at YourSelf

Now is the time, She knows…

Palms are sweaty 

Feet are heavy blocks of cement

The overwhelming feeling at Her chest

Breathing upon affirmations as She talks HerSelf into and out of

 ‘making the jump’ from one breath into the next scene.

What is She so scared of?

When did this fear grow into the monster that it is?

The beast of shame that She hides from,

Actually holds the keys to Her freedom.

And then the wind blows.

And so She remembers,

And so She inhales deeply,

And so She decides in the next moment-

To take Her action 

And power into Her courageous.

The fear of choosing happy, of great happenings happening, and most of all- the fear of Her very own creative power used to build and manifest all that She desires has now been looked at, has now been tended to, has now made change-

And so it is.

And so She is.

And so it is, again.

And All Is Well, 

With Another Treasure At Her Feet.

Count Your Blessings Dear One,

And Watch How They Grow And Accumulate.

Now Off We Go To Celebrate.

Happy New Moon In Taurus, Dear Reader…

May You Always Remember Home.

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