‘The Secret To Working This Scorpio Full Moon Power’

I make fire with two sticks born from lightning and water…

That’s change and alchemy.

That’s destruction and creation.

Big medicine- now that’s a privilege to walk with.

We don’t need smoke signals to tell We are coming- just watch the horizon until the eagles appear.


Ain’t got time for ‘em.

It’s Me that is the Author of My very own story-

Each word handwritten, each letter finessed.

Each line, each story, each chapter-

Known deep.

Lived deep.

Felt deep.

Truth deep.

How could it not? 

I’m a Scorpio and I write this.

‘Scorpio, did You say?’, ask the people who aren’t.

Typically followed with a raised eyebrow revealing an action of remembrance on the Inquirer’s part- here is where the line differs-

If the experience with the Scorpio in memory was a good one, They get an undeniable half smile crossing Their face, 

If the memory still brings pain- well, the mouth on the face will reveal that too.

We are the sign of revelation-

And right now, at this full moon in Scorpio- everyOne has a bit of the Scorpio influence affecting Their lives.

So get ready for Your own revelations revealed.

I’m only the Messenger, do with this what You will.

Ps- I told You so.

Remember as Scorpios, We make fire with two sticks born from lightning and water…

And right now, everyOne is a Scorpio.

Here’s a reminder:

Life, Death, and ReBirth is Our modus operandi,

Overcoming fears,

Growing from what has been buried so deep,

Honouring what has passed and inviting the alchemy for the future is Our super power.

Your super power.

Because You are this SuperPowerful.

So the next time someOne attempts to deny You of Your own capabilities-

The next time the fraud that is fear tries to sell You a story about ‘cant and shouldn’t’-

The next time the wound shows Itself, breathe deep and know that it’s appearance is a harbinger for change in Your life- and it is on You whether to let it sit and fester or clean out what’s unclean so the scar tissue heals it up and over.

Remember, Scorpios and All who bear witness to its Full Moon Magyc, currently-

We make fire with two sticks born from lightning and water….

I Honour You.

Happy Full Moon To Us All…


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