‘The Secret To Tapping Into This New Moon Magyc’

The New Moon WriteUp This Month Is Dedicated To-

Comandanta Ramona, Leymah Gbowee, and Ms Mary Magdalene (yes, THAT Mary Magdalene), the magycal revolutionaries who spoke up, acted up, and didn’t sit back down even when They were commanded to do so.

Dear Reader…

May I, in this ‘now’, remind You of a thing.

An important thing to know on this Gemini New Moon.

Seeing as the sign of the Twins is all about communication, expression, intelligence and the knowledge that We carry- this New Moon is bringing up aspects of all of the previous aforementioned.

Now- the important thing.

I know that this is an important thing- because it is happening to You.

Reader- do You know?

These are HUGE times of evolution…

In Your life, in My own. 

For all of Us.


Breathe deep into this and remember that all experiences here are opportunities for Your very own refinement.

Why else do You think that the situations and catalysts are coming at You so intensely?

Seemingly left field…

Overwhelming, even.

Why else would the towers crumble around You like this in these times?

Why else would the things that are happening to You be happening to You currently?

I know, it can indeed feel quite scary, and also, what better place to learn Your courage and power- work with it, make it malleable by Your choosing- than by practical real-life application?



Gemini represents the ability to carry fire and share that fire with Others. The information that We gather from experience in life, and the gift of communicating that to Our Kindred.

New Moons bring the energy of growth, creation, and expansions. New beginnings and refinements of previous lessons and learnings.

For any One of Us to grow and evolve, 

We must go through a certain shift.

The shifting.

This is where We are right now. 

The shift.

Shifting is a good thing.

Shifting means that You are outgrowing old conditions.

Shifting means that change is happening and there is more to come.

Shifting is a harbinger and necessity for new growth on the horizons.

Honour this.

Within each of You.

All that is occurring currently, is the confirmation that You are growing and that the shift is upon You.

Ahhh, bless the perfection of Our very own growth.

It has, indeed, all been perfect.

For everyOne who ever ‘broke free’-

For everyOne who ever decided to stand up and share the fire regardless of the fears what could be, 

For everyOne who did what They felt in Their heart was ‘right and righteous’ even as the majority threatened and the ego judged-

Thank You.

You are a FireKeeper.

Now, use the power wisely and stay focused on Your ‘wants’- Spring is upon Us and the New Moon is blessing each and every one of Our steps-




Happy New Moon EveryOne.

Happy Powerful Growth Time.

Happy Conscious Creating.

You Truly Are, This Powerful.

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