A New Perspective On Father…

This month’s Full Moon writing is dedicated to My 3 Fathers: the Hill, Vincenté, and the Divine as well as the power of the Sagittarius…

Dear Hill,

Why haven’t You been here?

Why couldn’t You have been strong enough to say, ‘I love You’?

Do You not know that a young girl’s ears waited and are still waiting to hear them?

I am patient and God is good.

Did You just not want to?

Did You just not?

Did You?

Too many judgements bring frequently noted lessons.

Too many lessons bring great opportunities to expand.

Thank You to the ‘too many’.

Thank You.

I’m awake now.

Deep breath inserted here, because wise Teachers in life, have taught Me to see the good in all the occurrence.

So perhaps You did.

Oh yes, there it is, You did.

Sagittarius Full Moon is the Archer drawing the arrow- perhaps if You had been around You would have taken some of the load-

And then My back would not be as strong and My aim would be a bit off.


My back is strong and My aim is spot on.

Perhaps if You had been more kind, I would have stayed too close to home and not left to explore the world.

To discover. 


Perhaps if You had always been here, 

I would not have fallen as many times as I have- 

And been the witness of the measurement of  My very own mettle and forced into My own faithfilled self reliance.

These are the powers of the Full Moon in Sadge- the time of realization, of faith, of the great push-throughs that lead to even greater rewards.

For this, Hill, I thank You.

Dear Vincenté,

How’s Naples?

Have You ever stood in the Italian countryside, looking up at the stars and wondering if Your American Daughter is looking at the same one?

I used to do this, when I was told I came from You.

I used to imagine that You were a King, 

And one day, You would show back up from across the ocean bearing gifts and apologies for the way that You treated My Mother.

More of those Sagittarian lessons-

Making sure that the words We speak are true and honourable.

Making sure that the feelings We feel are inspired by Our hearts or elsewhere.

Making sure- as in, being confident in the questioning of the matter. The matter.


Mater- which the word ‘Mother’ comes from.

Vincenté- I had no identity, no idea who I was growing up, You could have told Me or even left a note.

Then the Hill, gave Me one- it was called ‘not enough’…

I must say, Gentlemen, You each have helped Me realize who I am in this lifetime, and for this, I thank You Both.

Dear Divine,

Thank You for being here.

For publishing such a great book.

I know that You are the Father to these two previous aforementioned Kings, as well as MySelf.

Christians may take that literal. 

I mean it however You decide to take it.

I am ok with how anyOne wishes to translate.

Sagittarius and it’s communication.

Sagittarius and it’s ‘deeper’.

Sagittarius and it’s Love.

For Me, 

You are the spirit that animates each of Us.

You are the action that conquers the fear.

The spark of light seen in the darkest of moments 

And the hope that shines through when all seems lost.

You are the Father that I have called out to, when I needed help.

If it had not been for the Hill or Vincenté, perhaps I would not have known You.

For these things and for this day-

I honour all three.

My very own Triumvirate,

My very own Trinity.

The Father, the Sun (can’t script this, You are a Leo), and the Holy Spirit (RIP Vincenté).

Thank You for the ways that You have chosen,

Thank You for the ways that I have grown from what You have all decided,

I know that You have each done the best that You can-

And I thank You for being here.

I love You.

There, that’s how You say it…

Happy Full Moon In Sagittarius-

Bless All Of Our Fathers…

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