This Is Not Your Spiritual Awakening… This Is Your UpRising

Your stories are solidified by the fires in Your heart.

This is not Your spiritual Wake-Up- 

You entered that at Your birth.

This is the Rising.

Feel it?

This is the vibration into form.

The tone in its creating.

Yes, it’s real.

And Yes, You are doing it.

I believe in You.

And always have.

I know, that this has been intense for You. 

‘When has it not?’, You may ask.

Ooooh, I know that times can get real challenging, I know that Others don’t always see Us, don’t always hear Us.

My question is, ‘Do You see You and hear You?’.

You have been fighting Your own catalysts, Beautiful You.

Rather than battle them, embrace them.

This is where You hear Your own heart.

This is the time for the unlocking and untethering,

The decisions to be made, 

This is the call of freeing YourSelf from old conditional patterns.

New stops,

New steps,

New You,

Rejuvenates And ReBirths.

Lightning feet with thunder at each footfall because You are made for bringing the winds of change,

The storms to cleanse,

And the most beautiful rainbows afterwards.

Each colour.

ShimmerHeart, I see You.

As said, I believe in You.

So shine on, in this New Moon in the Crab.

Radiate through the UniVerse,

Brighten up and permeate this Eclipse.

Let the clean outs, the move outs, the move-ins and the shiftings on happenings to happen.

Let Your Inner Witch light a candle,

Let Your MoonBaby be held gently by the stars that reflect You, 

Let the SunShine SoulGoddess that You are, be worshipped.

Start with You.

Let Your remembrance that all is in perfection and that all is occurring in Your favour to be the truth in each moment. 

Trust in the knowing that All is One, 

And that the situation at hand is moving in the direction of freedom realized.

Be real, Child of the UniVerse.

Make it happen, Creator.

Be You, PeaceBringer.

I believe in You.

Now, believe in YourSelf…

To let the Magyc out.

Ahhh, now that is a rainbow, if I have ever seen one.

Happy New Moon, Tribe.

Thank You.

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