‘I Mean Really, How Is Your Heart’

Hello There.

Welcome to Your monthly Full Moon write-up, Dear Reader.

This writing is dedicated to everyOne who ever chose to be courageous and look at ThemSelves. For Your actions chosen, this Author sincerely thanks You.

How have things been since 2 weeks ago with the New Moon in the sign of the Crab?

We are in the Full Moon of Capricorn right now, replete with a Lunar Eclipse happening as well.

How have You been?

*stops typing and leans in…closer

And in this moment, how are You?

*deep breath into this…

I mean, really, how is Your heart?

This Capricorn Full Moon with this magyc Eclipse speaks of going inwards, and looking at the things that We have deemed ‘too dark’ , ‘too scary’, ‘too much’, and ‘too emotional’- 

You know- Our ugly. 

Our scared (which is only a semi-jumble for sacred). 

Our reactive.

Lighting each of them up and transforming the energies into things that We can grow from. 

Much like the compost of Our garden.

Much like the smell of the swamp as everything is in one state of living, dying and feeding or another.

Much like life.

This is not the time to worry about ‘pretty’ and ‘aesthetics’, this is the time to look at the ugly, this is the time to go deep, burn it out, cauterize. From this looking, We get to grow from it. 

The beautiful reward for vulnerable.

There is nothing to release, as all is You.

There is nothing to let go of, as all is You.

There is only that which to look at, break down, and grow from.

Life, the Divine, the energy that animates each of Us, is You.

Look at Your ugly.

That being said-

Here is Mine:

In this life, I have been a Liar.

I have lied to gain approval, I have lied to get food, I have lied to have a place to sleep at night, I have lied to be validated by My own actions.

I have said ‘I Love You’ when I was only just beginning to understand what love was.

What about You?

In this life, I have been Ashamed.

I have been ashamed of some of My choices,

I have been ashamed of some of My outcomes.

In this life, I have cavorted with daemons to remember what the Angels felt like.

I stayed in relationships past Their due dates and even entered into a few, eyes open, under the guise that this is My curriculum and I had more to ‘learn’ from the person and/or situation- knowing that this was not the truth but only a story I fed My ego from My ego, by My ego.

What about You?

In this life, I have been Afraid.

Afraid to speak up.

Afraid to stand up.

Afraid to do a thing.

‘Afraid’ came from My own acceptance and conditioning- in My belief that I was not ‘good enough’.

Afraid grew from ideals that I could not, would not and should not.

Afraid hatched from ‘what will They think of You?’.

What about You?

As tension builds, it must have a release. 

This is truth whether We are conceptualizing, idealizing, and/or taking action.

There comes a point along the road called ‘Your Life’ that a pop must occur. 

The space and moment where that pressure gains, grows, builds, and finally expands.


What about You?

There is no time like the present. 

This ‘Now’ right here, is all that truly exists in this reality. The rest is either past happening or potential future.

What do You choose in this moment?

To keep it real and breathe into Your ‘authentic’?

To continue running from Your personal calling and attempt to hide from the opportunities of Your dreams?

Or to live by the magyc that is Your very own unique Divine gift in this world?

Choice is Yours.

So Very Powerful.

Remember, from Vulnerability comes great reward.

From Hopeful, blessings are bestowed.

From Faithful, Grace happens.

You are sacred and always have been.

Nothing that You have ever done or has been done to You can take that away.

No One took Your power away, and You certainly didn’t give it to anyOne.

Only the story.

Powerful This.

Powerful Life.

Now, what about You?

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