Guatemala ReBirth Journey

October 21-29 2019 

This October, You are invited to join Us in the jungles of Guatemala, for a truly transformative experience of Self-realization, awakening, and expansion across all aspects of Your life

✧ Explore, Align And Activate At The Sacred Temples Of Tikal

✧ 3-Day Energy Intensive Class At Ancient Mayan Ruins

✧ ReBirth Ritual At Lake Petén Itzá 

Remember Your power, invoke Your purpose, and gain new motivation for attaining Your life’s dreams and aspirations via gentle guidance and a Journey within the journey.

Immerse YourSelf into the mystical setting amongst ancient Mayan Ruins where Tia will initiate You into a 3 day teaching intensive of Chamanic Tracking and Extraction (how to find and clear out old conditional patterns that hold Us back currently), enriching and empowering Both Your own personal work as well as the healing work with Your Client base 

Find YourSelf in realized freedom moving through life with the courage that You have always desired, cultivated via ritual, experience, and connecting with Others on this adventure

$1900 Total  All Inclusive/ 2 Meals Per Day/ All Accommodations, Taxes, Tips and Admissions

$500 Deposit

Contact Izadora @ 720.883.3701

for more information

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