Sun In Virgo

   You really can have what You want.

You really can manifest, at will.

   You really are this powerful.

   Now, is the time to remember.

   If You have been feeling a change in the energy around You over the last few days, then consider Yourself attuned to the energies of the Universe. And if You haven’t noticed, now is the most perfect time to begin paying attention. Where attention goes, energy flows.

   You really can manifest, at will.

   The Sun just moved out of the fiery sign of Leo and into the earthy sign of Virgo.

What this means is that this time right now, has just gone from: 




…And is now shifting into the next-step process of active creation (which is what We are all doing in every moment via Our thoughts, words and belief systems).

This next-step involves the formation of Our mental intentions into this reality.

Our dreams taking form.

Creating Your reality, as You so desire to choose, is a beautiful responsibility gifted to Us for Our experiences along this journey We each call life.

In other words- wherever You have been and whatever You have been doing in Your world over the past 3 months, all of that energy from Your focus is now in-forming the potential that is all around You.

The Sun moving into the sign of Virgo, carries with it, the qualities of:




   This is THE MOST opportune time to get serious about the importance of Your Well-Being, to understand Your Power to Create and to build an active practice to ‘Go Deeper Within’ which creates deeper experience for YourSelf. Deeper= Meaningful.

   This is the perfect time to get training in cultivating beneficial habits, to seek out Your next Teacher along this chapter of Your Journey, and receive the guidance necessary to access Your own Self-Realization as a tool for Your abilities to transform, manifest and empower.

   You are and have always been in a state of perpetual creation. Do You hear?

Right now, You are aligning to Your thoughts, as You have always done. Did You know?

Now, is the time, to tap into creating consciously. By doing this, You can create by what You desire, aligned in heart.

Because of the fear thoughts that most of Us carry, there is a need to gain resources to understand how it all works- 

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