New Moon In Virgo

All form is created by intention.

All bodies follow the mind.

All Journeys require an offering.

All experience happens by perspective.

Our story of life is Our choice, and We are always the Witness, the Writer and the Reader.

This is the time:

For the essence to in-form the potential.

For the vision to become the manifestation.

For the Dreamer to realize that They are also the Creator- this happens by facing the resistance that branches from Our fears.

The only fear to count,

To look at,

To pay ‘Attention/At tension’ to, 

In order to bring about the miraculous is the first fear…

the Fear of Our very own power.

The power-ful Self,

Is the power-filled Self.

The faithful is the faith-filled.

This is what motivates Our creation abilities and what fuels the potential to take form.

You are always aligning to the thoughts that You think about-

The secret is to focus the heart.

Perhaps this New Moon will remind You:

To go deeper,

To empower YourSelf,

To remember who You are,

And to take steps that allow the reciprocal universal flow to permeate all aspects of Our worlds.

Step out into this MoonTime and take accountability for what it is You are thinking, believing, speaking of and ultimately creating.

How powerful You are-

It is time for the great remembering, the activation, and the reflection of Source realized…

Be well.

Be blessed.

Be the blessing.

Happy New Moon, EveryOne

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