Building Chamanic Foundations~ 9 Week Tele-Course

Seekers, Therapists, Healers, Energy and BodyWorkers- this one is for You.

The word ‘Shaman/Chamán’ has become an all too familiar word these days, for the public, thanks to Hollywood.
What is a Chamán truly and what does a Chamán do?
A Chamán is a person who sees and or senses beyond what is in front of them. A Chamán is a person who creates a bridge between the worlds of form and knowledge.
What one person may call ‘reality’, a Chamán will call; ‘the outcome and creation of the quality of information one person chooses to live and create Their life by’.
Chamáns are the Medicine People of Native Tribes across the world. These are the Curanderas, the MiracleWorkers, and those who some call ‘Mystics’.
What is oftentimes named as ‘New Age’ actually comes from Ancient Wisdom.
How beautiful that is.

Do You tell YourSelf that there ‘has got to be more to life than ____’?
Do You have a call to go deeper within?
Would You like to enhance Your intuitive capabilities?

Whether training solely for Your personal journey or to begin building for Your own spiritual practice in working with Others, this 9 Week Tele-Course will share the information necessary to assist You in cultivating Your own understanding of what chamanism is and to develop a working knowledge of its applied wisdoms.
As We grow in Our own realizations, so We grow in Our practice and it’s reflections in Our lives.
During this time, the Seeker will be offered sacred knowledge from several spiritual paths that all carry complimentary understandings.
Each week, there will be excercises and tools given that correlate with each level and layer of understanding medicine path traditions, life, vibration, and the power found within this knowing. Practical application will be encouraged and tested to help refine the Seeker into greater realizations.


☞ Included In This Course:

• 9 Conference Call Classes, to help set a working foundation for sacred knowledge from a variety of medicine paths including the Diné, Shiya, Pa’qo and Hermeticism

• 4 Personal 1:1 Calls to help the Seeker with clarity and practice from what is taught

• Breathwork excercises for alignment to Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies

• Helpful tools for developing the Seeker’s 2nd Awareness (the ability to sense and see energy)

• Applied Practical Understanding and the Importance of Ritual

• 24/7 OnLine Support

All Are Welcome To Partake, Who Hear The Call And Resonate With This.

☞ Cost:

All Calls Will Be Recorded, For Access At Any Time

Thank You.

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