Your Dreams Are Your Messengers…

Pisces Full Moon Tidings…

You are dreaming this life. 

Infinite in Your discovery.

Magycal in Your Mystery,

This Journey is Yours.

Dreaming Dreamer- 

Did You know?

Your Deep Sleep is the precursor for Your Great Awakening-

How far will You go to hold resistance for the possible? Believe.

Doesn’t it get tiring? Have faith.

When will You choose to accept that this Whole life is unfolding in Your favour

And that all the world is waiting to appreciate Your ReCalibrations and ReBirths? Welcome Home. 

How long will You stand in the silent spaces 

To reveal the dark places

That show You Your different faces?

It’s time. 

And what will You do with them?

Burn them?

Scar them?

Turn and run?

Add more on top?

Sweep it under?

Blame the Others?


Hide them away where the familiarity of shadows and dark corners brings forth even bigger stories about the monsters that sit within each of Us?

What if those monsters are really kittens and the scary whispers that You have convinced YourSelf of, turn out to only be a soft mew that forgot what it sounded like?

Dreaming Dreamer, Wake Up.

There is nothing to fight.

Love won millenia ago.

You have nothing to lose, other than Your old conditions-

You have everything to remember and all that is rightly Yours- here is Your heart.

See it?

You are making this.

Calling it from You.

Bringing it to You.

Naming it.

Knowing it.

Ahhhhh- the remembering.

Dreaming Dreamer- Wake Up.

You are the Light.

You made it. It’s inside.

The messages are everywhere.

The reflections are everywhere.

And You, are the Source…

Keep watching.


Now is the time.

Be still, and know.

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