Dear Beautiful You,

Did You know that now is the time of Libra which is for Lovers, Union, and Faith in the powers of the heart?

Do You have Faith in the power of Your heart, Dear Beautiful You?

Did You remember that the New Moon is for setting off on new roads, new journeys, and new beginnings? That this is the time for pivots, switchbacks and cutting new trails for YourSelf? That these are the days for gentle words that begin with the so-soft sounds of the ‘h’,  like Honour, like Humble, like Happy, like Harmony…

Did You hear that word? 

Do You hold it’s meaning?


Harmony- to fit together. To join. To have concord.

Concord, which means ‘hearts together’. 

Harmony is a conjoining of hearts in Union.

How beautiful is that, Dear Beautiful You?

Do You know the secrets of love?

The beautiful thing about treasure hidden is that more often than not, We hide it in plain sight.

Waiting to be seen…


How long to wait to see what is the gift for all?


We choose when We decide to see deeper, clearer, more gentle.

How amazing and magycal the power of love-

How mystical of an experience it can be when the division unites and remembers it’s all One.

Do You realize that You are sacred, whole and holy? Always have been and always will be.

Do You know that love received and love given is what each One here deserves?

Do You walk with honourable steps?

Do You take action in the reverence of the love that You are?

Do You embrace Your fears knowing that this is the way to understand and overcome them?

Do You choose to see Your life with the intention of using the same wisdoms that You are so free to share and advise for Others?

This is Your life, Dear Beautiful You.

This is Your time to remember.

You made it this far- through varying degrees of lessons and level-ups.

You survived what You have for a purpose.

You have made it here for good reason.

Use it wisely.

Be it, lovingly.

Remember, Your heart allows You to feel- 

To expand-

To perceive-

To create….

Via the Divine channels of Love.

Happy New Moon,

I Love You,

~ The UniVerse

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