Full Moon In Aries

‘Hush, Hush, Hush’, whispers the fear named Shame…

When We are quiet with the secrets, We are embraced by the Wolves.

‘Sleep, Sleep, Sleep’, urges the fear named


When We choose to sit in the dark longer than Our lessons, We eventually believe the truth of the fears that sit and hiss from there.

‘Stay, Stay, Stay’, says the fear named Failure…

When We become complacent and compliant to free thought, when We allow Our lives to be dictated based on what avoids pain rather than what seeks happiness, We find OurSelves creating tension and stress from Our own personal perceptions in Our own lack of personal faith and trust.

And when all hope is thought to be lost…

Final moment.

59th second of the 11th hour.

Guillotine razor blade, coming down with a vengeance….


In a flash-

Out comes the Full Moon In Aries.

And in one breath-

One conscious


Intentioned breath…

The whole scene changes in a moment.

With the intensely charged Ram in its moonglow-

And fiery potential on each moonbeam…

Power restored…

You are remembering, Wise Ones.





Face old memories with new found realizations.

If the thought does not leave You feeling good, 

Then trust that there is deeper to go and more to be seen.

And in the pops, the bangs, the breakdowns and breakthroughs-

There is this alchemy occurring, 

Within each of You.

This moment,

Leads to the next,

Leading to the next-

Infinite potentiality,

Waiting to be In-formed by You.





You matter.

You are matter-ializing.

Materializing in this matter-created life.

Each Moment.

And so the Shame became Expression.




And the Doubt remembered that it was Faith sleeping, and once it decided to awaken, the truth awoke with it.

And Failure began to know what it knew~

And from here in this knowing, it renamed ItSelf Freedom- and decided to pursue life helping Others to remember Their true names…

Like I said.

This One.

And this One.

And this One.

Thank You, I Love You.

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