This Taurus Fill Moon Is Speaking The Secrets Of Life

Full Moon In Taurus-

When You consecrated Your altar for this Full Moon In Taurus-

Who did You thank?

When You dropped Your head today, to give gratitude for the preparation and food for Your meal-

Did You tell it?

With interwoven fingers, You lace palms together-

And speak sacred words to holy ears, 

By petition and prayer-

And when the miracle appears-

Are You grateful?

Dig deep in this earth-

The ground isn’t frozen yet.

There is more to see.

Plant a tulip and hidden treasures-

To be rediscovered next spring.

Take deep breaths and remember the scent of what’s Yours.

Own it.

Now is the time to look at the stories,

Hold them close to Your heart,

And let the powerful magyc of loving transformation, 

move, clear and clean out anything that carries a wound.

Blow gently on the sting,

Bandage what is necessary,

And allow plenty of breathing room,

For Your personal refinements and creation.

When You woke up today, 

Who did You thank?

When You inspired and aspired only to inspire again,

Did You give Your gratitude?

When You decided to realize the love that You are-

Did You bless it?

Happy Full Moon In Taurus, May We All Remember Our Light…

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