What’s the story of Your personal legend?

The Writer Here Would Like To Dedicate This Month’s New Moon Writeup-Up To EveryOne Who Is Here- Living Their Story…

Iv got a story to tell.

A love story.

It’s an adventure kind of story,

A lesson-filled story…

A story to remember.

A story that takes awhile for the buildup-  

But in the release is creation.

A story about betrayal, a story about heartbreak, a story about rising up, and overcoming.

A story with some ummmph to it.

A story that has some tears, some cheers,

Sometimes, it’s been a scary story, but even those stories were some of the best Teachers.

Thank You.

Iv got a story about a little girl from the Swamp. 

Who learned about stories from OG StoryTellers.

Magycal women, who could tell a tale of a story. Who could influence Your whole life with Their story. Who could create by Their stories- that’s a conjuring story.

Stories from Granny.

That’s a witchy story.

Stories from My GrandMother.

That’s a blessing story.


This Little Girl’s story- 

Who was taught to listen to the stories of the sun and the wind and the water and the energies that move and make things in this life.

That’s a God story.

A story about that Little Girl who moves to the mountains- to realize that She can move mountains.

Have You ever watched the mountains breathe with the moon?

A story about a Girl who met a man, who She called, ‘Sir’, and He called Her, ‘Kid’.

That was a Djedhi story.

Thank You, Patrick.

A story about that Girl, growing up- 

One day, She heard the desert call- She heeded that call,and went that way to write more stories- about Tribe, about the Old Ways, and about how to grow good life from Your story.

She sat with eagle stories on the highest peaks and learned how to fly, and She prayed with medicine men stories whilst traversing the terrain of the desert- where She learned to be humble and revere life.

Did You ever realize that the whole desert is alive?

Mystical stories- in the tee-pees with the water drum and the Yoté stories.

In the jungle with the Yagé- that’s the second sight stories. 

Sitting with the jaguar and the water boa, 

Witnessing the start of earth’s story- beyond space and time- that’s not his-story, that’s Her-story.

Stories that open eyes so the blind can see,

Stories that open ears, so the deaf may hear.

Who saw some things, learned some things, 

And took them back- to share with the Others.

Miracle stories.

What’s the story of Your personal legend?

Where have You been? And what have You written in the chapters of life, called Your story?

That’s an inquiry story.

Get started.

Who showed up? Are You grateful?

Those are ’Thank You’ stories.

Those are ‘I learned and I will apply that knowledge’ type of stories.

Wisdom stories.

Be grateful for each page turned in the story of You-

Give thanks for the chapters, the plot twists and the choices within those stories, written by the Author’s hand, to go deeper to see more- that’s You, Author.

That’s Your story.

That’s Your Heart stories.

Here’s to living Your story, 

The legacy,

The mystical,

The magycal-

Never-ending stories…

Right Now.

Write Now.

Right Now.

Thank You.

Happy New Moon In The Sign Of Sagittarius-

May We All Write Our Beautiful Stories.

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