This Writer would like to thank every Being reading this, who was ever called:



Rebellious in a bad way, 

‘You Think Too Much’, 










And a personal favorite, Crazy…

You see, They didn’t realize the Light within You because They were too busy attempting to hide from Their own.

When You know who You are, and the power of the choice of choosing Your own vibration, no compliment will build You up and no insult will tear You down.


Thank You, life lessons.

Gemini Full Moon, with the lights turned on,

Some call it trouble, some call it ‘Heyoka’, 

Some call You the previous aforementioned as if You have all the time in the world to hear One more person’s fear of Your Fire, when They are hiding from Their own Light that leads Them.

The beautiful thing about running from YourSelf,

Is that all of the lessons come with You.

This is FireKeeper knowledge, 

Are You ready to be responsible to wield it?

This is ‘Know ThySelf To Understand The UniVerse’ wisdom.

Are You willing to venture into the hidden temple inside the deep dark cave to gain it?

This is the Book of Proverbs and Sananda and Tagore and Tesla all rolled into one giant magycal evening deemed the, ‘The Answer To Everything’. 

Can You stand in all that power and still choose to be honourable? What if no One else is watching?

‘Go within’, whispers the wind on Pachama’s breath-

This is intellect meets emotion to come into the power. 

Your power.

This is Living to see.

This is Loving to be.

This is perception and dreams and the cerebrospinal fluid that informs the potential.

Where does the Teacher go to consult Their hurts-

Who, in Their own alone, can listen without betraying the connection? Objective observation? 

2 that I have found: The Dead and The Mountains. 

Thank You, Dead. Sacred.

Thank You, Apukuna. Holy.

Neither talk back until it is time to be heard.

‘This is the time of the TarapayPacha’, say the Medicine People of the Andes, ‘It is the time for Meeting YourSelf’.

The light self, the shadow self, the good the bad and the ugly Selves. The multi-Self, the One-Self Realized…

Shiva, ride with Me.

Who chooses the bravery of awake to keep eyes open in the dream space? Even when there are nightmares…

Who chooses to muster Their own courage to sit with the monsters in the shadows? Even when the bonfire awaits its offering…

Even when it’s painful.

And scary.

And no One wants to look at it. 

And everyOne wants to see what You look like when standing alone and cold in the dark.

Do You shiver?

‘I can’t believe She shivers’…

Uncovered vulnerabilities, involuntary exposure, broken hearted perceptions- that’s ok, it lets the light shine out.

You let the light shine out.


Right now.

And done.

Thank You, Tribe…

Happy Full Moon To Us All.

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