New Moon Is Clipsing

New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Christmas Eve Magycalness…

This Writer would like to thank Her Family and the Osceola Forest for this writeup for this New Moon and Eclipse ReBirth YuleTime Christmas this year…

I breathe this in.

Every year I return back here to the Deep South for Christmas. 

I hope that each of You are exactly where You wish to be tonight, with exactly who You wish to be with. Life is short, the next moment is never a guarantee and so You are granted ample power in how You wish to enjoy or ‘not-enjoy’ the moment that You have right now in front of You. The choice is Yours.

The gathering of Family is sacred to Me.

My GrandMother, as the Matriarch, instilled that within Us, the importance of Family being together.  

I return here to honour Her memory no matter what, as this re/Union of sorts can be pretty bittersweet for Me. 

That’s alright.

As with any of Us, I am allowed to feel.

And I am ok with what I feel.

I love My Momma’s hugs.

I breathe this in.

I love watching My Cousins grow in Their worlds and raise Their kids up. 

I love sitting at the lake, where I learned to catch fish, gig for bullfrogs, and wish on shooting stars in a very clear sky directly underneath the Milky Way.

This is the lake that My Uncle Lando used to pull alligators from and into His canoe. They called Him ‘WildMan’ in the Navy- He lives up to His roots. You have to have a healthy streak of wild to come from WaterTown. 

The swamps and natural springs here in North Florida are a welcome embrace for Me, each time I return.

I can feel My MeeMaw keeping pace right next to Me when I go for a run in the Osceola Forest. She told Me, the year before She passed, ‘When You run, I run right next to You’.

I can sometimes catch a glimpse of My Granny in the mist at Mile’s Branch and on out to Gum Swamp Rd. smiling at Me. Memories of walking these woods with Her- leaning in to listen to the Wind as it dances between Cypress and Loblolly Pines. The giggle of the Pileated Woodpecker and the cry of the Bald Eagles that echo through the stands of Magnolias and Water Oaks- Spanish moss swaying back and forth carelessly without worry in the humid air and sunlight.

I breathe this in.

I think of this place, throughout the other parts of My year- when I am in the mountains of Colorado, looking out on God-country.

I breathe this in.

This has been a year of great lessons.

Big unfoldings. Turns and floor shifts and insights and big growth.

Rather than get disheartened by people’s actions in My personal life, I have sought to stay open to continue being kind to Folks, no matter what and no matter where, letting My heart shine. 

It’s been hit and even shattered in a few parts- that’s ok, that just lets the light come out.

This focus, has led to a series of beautiful realizations about life and the gifts it brings- especially at such a magycally amazing time of year. Especially the day before a giant symbolic and spiritual reBirth of Christmas/Yule/Winter SoulStice. Especially with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse falling on the same day.

Like I said… 

the Holy is upon Us.

The magyc is in the air.

Like Granny, if We just take a moment to look, We will see that that inkling reveals that something really is right there.

Waiting to show ItSelf. If only We will take a moment to watch for it.

I found out last weekend at the Waldo Flea Market that Santa Claus rides a hover round mobility machine and lives in a camper with a pug named Margot. (See picture below).

Now, when I saw Santa, He must have had a rough day, putting in lots of hours it seems like, because He was a little tired and snappy- but I can only imagine that a fellow like Him could be under quite a bit of stress at this time of year- with all those addresses and homes to get in and out of.

Thanks, Santa.

~ I am sure that there are plenty of people out there at this time, who are feeling pressures to provide or even to just survive. In the name of the energy of ‘giving and gifting’- let’s try not to take Them personal and let’s do what We can to help ease Their troubles- a smile, an ‘it’s gonna be alright’, even a dollar compensation- can go a really long way. 

I watched a Young Woman with Her Son, in a local store, put down Her items that She was about to buy on Her day off- and jump behind the counter so as to help ease the strain of so many people in one line for Her Co-Worker.

I ended up going through Her check-out line and We had a brief conversation about Her actions.

I thanked Her for jumping in and taking the initiative, especially on Her day off- with Her Son/Sun watching admiringly, She said, ‘this is the way that We open the way for Our Family’s to be blessed. By helping out, even if no One is there to say “Thank You”.’ 

She didn’t say, ‘My Blessings’- She said ‘Our Family’s Blessings’. 

I would like to thank that Young Woman’s Grandparents for raising Her right.

~ Our Ancestors are important. The people who raised Us are important. Those who took a moment to share Their life’s understandings with You, albeit a moment of shared wisdom or years of rearing You- are important. Thank Them. If They are no longer here, in the physical, then why not take action to honour Them? Elderly homes and assisted living facilities can get really lonely at this time, why not take the Kids and go for a visit and help brighten an Elder’s day? You will be glad that You did.

I saw a Young Man’s post on a FB group that I am a part of, asking if anyOne would send His younger Brother and Sister Christmas cards from around the World, as Christmas was a difficult time for Them and He noticed that getting one unexpected card, brightened up Their day exponentially. Trust, I am getting in on that send out.

Thank You, Elmer.

~ What if We all took one moment, in this moment, to stop looking so hard at what isn’t right, and begin looking at what is? 

To begin looking at what We are blessed for? What if We all took a moment, to send a card to someOne who could really use a reminder that anOther is thinking of Them? What if We picked up the phone right now- and actually called someOne and had a talking real time conversation rather than shoot a text or ‘here’s a gif’? What if We took younger generations to go and look at the lights like Our parents had Us do as kids? Or wish on stars? Or sit at the lake? Or say grace before the Family meal?

In a time of interesting uncertainties in this World- I sure am grateful for the energies of ‘A Magycal ReBirth and New Beginnings’ to be here. Love already won. It is written in the stars. 

I breathe into this.

It doesn’t matter to Me, in this moment- what the news channels are trying to get Me to distract MySelf with or be afraid of, it doesn’t matter to Me what a Kardashian or a Jenner is driving or wearing to Their Christmas party, or even what Trump tweeted this morning-

What matters to Me, 

is that My Family is Together and healthy,

that I feel good with the actions that I am taking in this moment,

And that I am here.

I Breathe Into This.

Happy New Beginnings,

Pauses Between The Breaths, 

ReBirthing Phoenix Magyc In Lakes Of Fire,

Journeying Topside,

New Year/Decade,

And Loving Who You Love, 

Unapologetically So,

Starting With YourSelves.

Thank You,

It Is Good To Know You…

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